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arlin report thought of the day: pressure washers!%@&!!

I did not wake up thinking of this as is the case with most of my “Thought of the Day” posts. However, I did think about how I spent my day yesterday and want to share it with you! I spent most of the day power washing (pressure washing) half of the house (the half covered by guttering/the dirty half). While I was at it I washed the patio and what was the biggest job our vinyl fence. I even tossed in our walk way in front, along with the driveway and least of all and last my car (badly needed and missed a spot).

I am not sharing this to brag that I actually accomplished something yesterday. I know few care what the condition of our estate is in. But, as many can confirm, how well your power washer operates can determine what condition your condition (mental condition) is in.

In the past 5-6 years we have gone through at least 2 pressure (power whatever you call it) washers. They, to be quite blunt can be a pain in the ass. The wands quit working properly or don’t work at all. Depending on the job you have interchangeable wands (all 3 feet long). Another pain! And don’t get me started on the hoses. They kink up, some are too short, etc., etc., etc……… Then there is the constant power surges, the loud noise and the soap dispenser seldom works.

I know over the past 5-6 years we threw away at least two Pressure Washers. They were junk. I know, you get what you pay for!

But yesterday, yesterday was different! A few week back we bought this new (new to us) pressure washer………. Greenworks Pro 2300 (PSI) brushless with Jettflow Technology . NEWS FLASH: It worked like a charm. It is simple to operate, to move around (wheels), hose didn’t kink. There were no water pressure power surges. Even the soap dispenser worked! It has different tips that interchange on the wand for different jobs. The pressure is strong but not so strong you do damage to siding. It worked great on the car. This model isn’t for commercial use, but is great for those jobs around the house. Our vinyl fence (white) looks brand new now! I was totally amazed with how this washer worked. There is nothing I dislike about it.

I do not normally endorse a product here, but I thought there may be some people out there that haven’t had much luck with power washers.

We got the Greenworks Pro 2300 PSI (Jettflow Technology) pressure washer for around $329.00. We found it at Lowes (no endorsement intended, just letting you know where we got it).

The nice thing about this is, I spent several hours washing all I mentioned above without a single curse word.

Oh and I almost forgot; the electric cord neatly wraps up and hangs on a wire hanger. The washer hose wraps around nice and neat as well, has its own place. The wand has a clip to place it in. Everything is together, nice and neat for easy storage.

You can’t miss the Greenworks pressure washers, they are ………..wait for it……… they are GREEN. They have different pressures to choose from, 2300, 2000 and 1600 I believe.

THIS AIN’T FROM THE GREEN NEW DEAL. This is better, it works and is affordable!



Joe Biden wanted his supporters to know, as he was about to spit out another gaffe that: “I want to be clear, I am not going nuts!”

Well Joe, no you’re not “going nuts”, YOU ARE NUTS! Why would you have to say that? Think about it, you have your own doubts!

Joe has been having an especially difficult time knowing where he is and where he has been lately. Okay, lets be fair here. Aside from Joe Biden having some nutty tendencies (he isn’t totally nuts), and who doesn’t, he is showing serious signs of aging symptoms. Senility!

He thinks he is in Vermont, when he is in New Hampshire. I get it he probably speaks quicker than his mind can think. Another aging sign! Seriously though, do you want our President to say “I love being here in France”, if he is in Germany? I know some critic of mine will come back at me and say “Trump did it!” The point is, it is more than just a habit with Biden, he does this all the time. He isn’t going to get better at public speaking, only worse! It won’t make any difference that someone else is writing his speeches. He goes off script! And all those conferences and questions he’ll be taking. Gaffe, gaffe, gaffe…………the media would love it!

arlin report thought of the day: charging mccabe or a clinton pass

The Feds are “THINKING” about charging McCabe for at the very least lying. THINKING? How much THINKING would it take to charge you or me? It wouldn’t take any thinking on their part, they’d just do it to us common folks.

If the Feds, Barr have more and bigger fish to fry then they can show us commoners they are serious and mean business to start with this little minnow! Of course it’s the little people, the grunts that do all the hard work of the FBI that want this uppity FBI Comey-ite McCabe charged.

Speaking of Comey, from all indications it looks like they (DOJ) are going to give him one of those Clinton like passes, on the “I’ll always be free trail” as well.

Has the purpose of investigation in our government on themselves become “only to be used when they need to know who, what and how much they need to cover-up”?

Well I AM FED UP! Pun intended!

The Cherokee Nation wants a representative in Congress, taking the US government up on a promise made in 1835 —

Our government has a long history of putting the screws to Native Americans. MOST treaties broken. AOC has never visited an Indian Reservation! Probably best she doesn’t! We don’t need more misrepresentation! Elizabeth Warren DOES NOT represent The Cherokee Nation!

Talk about reparation for black Americans? Where will that end? Native Americans aren’t even asking for reparation, they’d be as deserving as anyone, if anyone is deserving. We can not pay for the ignorance of the past with more ignorance during the present and the future. Just learn by our mistakes, which is obviously challenging and difficult enough.