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To my fellow Missouri Republicans:  Our Senator, Roy Blunt along with 11 other Republicans voted with Democrats to BLOCK Trump’s declaration of the National Emergency (on the border).   Keep this in mind when Blunt is up for a primary re-election.   I’ve always thought Blunt was a bit of a wimp.  Now I know he is a BIG WIMP.




You don’t hear this on the Main Stream Media.


It is the same old same old.

You’d think there would be plenty to write about on the subject of politics in America.   You can, if you like repeating yourself day in and day out.  The climate stays pretty much the same, dark, cold and very windy and a storm always on the horizon.  I’d like a little sunshine, but I won’t hold my breath.

The topics may change from day-to-day, but the temperature and relative conditions stay the same.  All the windy dialogue comes from the same direction and stays on its predictable path.  You know the cast of characters and what to expect from them.   New players may shock us to start, but after that, the BS doesn’t surprise.   No matter how much attention they seek, it gets tiring to write and speak of the means, and critique by saying “I didn’t think she (AOC) or he (someone like Adam Schiff) could get any dumber.”.   Even writing about the bias Mainstream Media gets old.  You know their position before they even release it.

We need something refreshing, honest, trustworthy with heart, not greedy and selfish.   Trump was exciting because, he hammered publicly what many of us speak about around our kitchen tables.   But now, he is even tiring because of the battles he must engage in with a media and Congress (from both sides of the floors).   We want a government that shows progress in resolving our social issues, not one with a priority to investigate and investigate to rid our president from office, because he wasn’t their chosen one.   The fact he was the people’s choice does not matter to them, they (Congress) stopped caring what we thought and wanted long ago. That in itself is a socialist way, and it comes not just from the Democratic Left, but the Republican Right.  It is just more obvious from the Left, because they stand together stronger than the right.   The right just simply too often cave or give in.  Not enough fight in them and it is more than a numbers game (being outnumbered).

I am tired already of writing about AOC’s incompetence.   Alright already, we know what she is, how she thinks and why.  Socialism out teaches all others.

Indict Hillary Clinton, now that would be a story, because it would be surprising if not shocking, though the right thing to do.  We could fix what is broken in this country with one simple idea………JUST DO WHAT IS RIGHT.   It really isn’t that complex, when you remove greed/selfishness, hate and obsession of power.

Sure, where they’ve taken abortion is appalling, shocking and disgusting.  But even that direction of immoral stupidity is no longer surprising.   What would be surprising would be ‘Just doing the RIGHT THING’.


My teen years were during the 60s and the early 70s.   I remember the words of Martin Luther King during some of our nations most darkest periods.  Yes Dr. King spoke about issues of the day, particularly human rights and racial tension/war.  He spoke of prejudice , discrimination, the riots that came with it, the vandalism, the real lynchings, the church burnings, the no blacks or whites only signs, even the white sheets, the Black Panthers (I saw a march in Chicago down Main Street. by the Panthers, I was there for that one myself in 1969, however Dr. King was already gone before that one), the college sit-ins, the police station sit-ins, Biloxi and just about any city in Mississippi.

Young people today haven’t experienced anything today, except assaulting those on the other side that have a difference of opinion, that they don’t even try to understand; compared to what we witnessed.  Hell, I haven’t even mentioned the war I watched on TV every night for over for what seemed like an eternity (Vietnam).  Our news coverage didn’t mention car jacking or shootings; it was all about Vietnam.   I remember military jets flying over my grade school every 30 minutes just above the tree tops, for their bombing practice.  I remember the bombing drills we practiced in class, ducking under our desk.  I was in grade school, but this war carried on until I was in college.  I had a draft number (84), but I was fortunate enough that I had already enrolled in college before my 18th birthday, I was given a student deferment (the last one given in America by the way).  Those that were fortunate enough to survive Vietnam, advised me to take the deferment.  There is a long story there but for another day.

I’ve gotten off track a lot here, Dr. King, yes he spoke about the issues of the day, racism, and got political of course.  But what Dr. King NEVER left out was THE WORD OF GOD.  Dr. King would preach and teach.   I did not always agree with his politics, but his faith was evident.  I never hear Rev. Al Sharpton speak the word of God.   Maybe he does when he hops in a black church in a place such as Ferguson, Missouri when he can spread his racial divide.  Al Sharpton is an enabler.   Dr. King wanted peace.

Young people today think that voicing their political will, is punching out someone that has a different opinion; with a camera in your face.  Even with social media, they don’t understand the issues of the day.   We never fought those with different opinions we usually fought the government that didn’t inform us with the truth.  We also knew our sexual gender.


I didn’t do it, but if you find that I did……………….

Jussie Smollett:   “I didn’t do it.   I have drug problems.”   Translates to:  ‘If you find that I did do it, it is because I have drug problems.’  Were you high when you were interviewed by Robin Roberts and swore Trump supporters committed a hate crime assault against you?  It was your best performance ever.

Yes Jussie you have problems, thinking problems and you little guy committed the hate crime.  Your own hate and ignorance are not excuses.   They should not get you off.  Your own hate was not staged, it is real, real life.  You are exactly the kind of crap you were portraying.


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