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Obama Criticizes 2016 GOP Candidates For ‘Ridiculous,’ ‘Sad’ Remarks « CBS DC

Obama Criticizes 2016 GOP Candidates For ‘Ridiculous,’ ‘Sad’ Remarks « CBS DC.

Obama’s words here are a freaking joke.   Lecture, lecture, lecture……..he wants to even set the agenda for the opposing candidates party.    Brave words from a moron sleeping across the pond.  Obama just adds fuel to the fire.

Senators given under 60 minutes to read 1000+ page bill before vote

Senators given under 60 minutes to read 1000+ page bill before vote.

Had they been given more time, they’d have never read it.  The thing is, it wouldn’t matter; they already made their deals to vote for or against without reading it.   That isn’t how its done, there is their trade offs, deals, promises and threats, “vote for this or else”.   No need to read it………..if you want yours!



RCP Poll Average
2016 Republican Presidential Nomination
18.2 Trump +4.8 13.4 Bush 12.0 Walker 7.0 Rubio
6.4 Carson 6.2 Huckabee 5.6 Paul 5.4 Cruz
2.8 Christie 1.8 Kasich 1.8 Perry 1.4 Fiorina
1.4 Santorum 1.2 Jindal 0.0 Graham

Yes, Donald Trump leads all Republicans in the polls in this derby for the parties candidacy as President of the United States.   How long will he stay at the top?   He may be the poll setter for as long as there are fifteen ponies in the starting gate.

The American people like it that there is finally a figure, I hesitate to say candidate, that speaks his mind, does not worry about political correctness.   Not tied to any special interests groups?   Will maybe only sort of!   Lets face it, Trump as much as anyone, actually most, has as much to lose, with the direction this country is headed.   Those with the most lose the most.  However, what will unseat Trump from the top GOP spot in the polls?  As long as this many contend, he’ll stay there and possibly continue to rise.    When the also-rans and there are plenty, start dropping out, their support will go to some of the others, like Bush, Rubio and Walker.  They’ll receive most of the drop out support.  Trump could pick up some, but most will go to the others.

Its going to be awhile, Trump is here for the long haul.   The NRC will probably treat him as an outsider…….hoping to push him to a third-party.  That won’t happen until after the convention.

What I find interesting to know or want to know…………who would The Donald choose as a running mate?   Who would run?    Does he pick a politician, I doubt it.   No, I don’t believe it would be Oprah.  Someone from the business world?  Carly?   Pray it isn’t a banker!

Most aren’t taking Trump serious, that he will be a broken item soon.   If he gets a strong rally movement…………watch out……..