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Meet Peggy Hanson

I for one, like it outside the box.


Peggy Hanson Peggy Hanson

I am an unlikely author to ask about her writing career.  Virtually nothing about my experience fits into the proverbial “box.”  And that question PJ asks about “when did you feel successful as a writer?”  Well, I’m still hoping that moment will come!

The one thing I have in common with all writers is that I have always done it, have always loved it, have always had it as a goal. I’m never happier than when I exercise the discipline to write in a serious way.

And I will admit that when I got down to applying that discipline (built up by being a journalist on deadline) to polishing up and actually publishing my first two novels in the Elizabeth Darcy series, DEADLINE ISTANBUL and DEADLINE YEMEN it felt pretty good.  After all, by that time, I was age 73!

The truth is that I have always written…

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Native American Corner (07/26/14)

This is the best of our culture.

Daily Happenings from poetsareangels

1. Cobell Land Buyback Just a Dangling Carrot

2. 10 Things Other People Love About Indians and Stuff

One of the things non-Natives adore is a pow wow. They go ga-ga over them,
and rightly so.

3.  An Elder’s Missionary Life: Founded Christian School & Church, & 300 Visits

Courtesy Choctaw Nation
Curtis Pugh, Choctaw elder and missionary

4. Ojibwe People, Culture Honored on Minnesota Town’s Murals

5. Amazon Oil Spill Has Killed Tons of Fish, Sickened Native People

Barbara Fraser
Dead fish from an oil spill in the Peruvian Amazon are mixed with oil-covered twigs
gathered by local residents. Fish are vital to the villagers’ diet and income.

6. Used Car Loan Scam: The Alphabet Soup of Ripping Off the Poor

7. Spotlight 29 Casino to Host the Winter Gathering Pow Wow

8. Sheri Doxtator: NMAI’s Meet Native America Series

Chief Sheri Doxtator, Oneida Nation of the Thames.

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Our voices are being heard, sometimes we have to shout to see the evidence of that; but stay patient you are a force.

I believe our tweets and blogs may be the greatest factor of raising awareness.  We can not count on the national or even world media to accurately inform us.  I am also not so naive to believe everything from a tweet or blog.   But usually where there is a lot of smoke, there is a fire.  Keep digging to find the truth.

We are beginning to see a bit more news coverage from the major networks on the Southern border immigration issue here in the U.S.   I believe action from our government and president is in part due to the public outcry.  A lot of that comes from right here on what we write and share with our followers.   They also know we vote!

This morning our local St. Louis news gave immigration a stunning 2 minutes, with video.   Not a big deal you say?  That’s up by about  one-and-a-half minutes.  Will be interesting to see what the national TV will release.  Hopefully I haven’t missed already.

My point is we can make a difference.   I know the stance on illegal immigration is mixed even split, but if we remain active our government will, sooner or later respond.   It may not go the way you or I want it in the end, but stay vocal…..this is our country.   We are the voice of awareness.

Joan Rivers Blasts Media’s Anti-Israel Bias

Joan, you are a better diplomat than a comedienne. My goodness, someone from Hollywood making sense. I have never been a fan…….but Joan Rivers has gained an abundance of respect from me, for what its worth.

American Glob

You have to give Joan Rivers a lot of credit for this. Not only is she bashing the media, she’s defying the Hollywood hipster “Free Palestine” stereotype. She also clearly has an understanding of the history behind the conflict which is more than anyone can say for most of the media.

Via the Washington Free Beacon.

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Mug shot: Eddie Overholt was arrested for asking local politicians to speak more loudly during a town hall meeting

A 76-year-old veteran was arrested in Greenville, Tennessee for asking members at a town board meeting to speak up.   This apparent danger to society stated the board had assembled at a roped off table well in front of citizens in attendance to discuss a pipeline that would dump waste into a local river.   According to Overholt the board was speaking softly enough the audience could not hear.    After asking the board to speak up the veteran was charged with disorderly conduct.   He then ask to sit down as he was tired, but instead was cuffed and placed under arrest for resisting arrest.

The company that is asking for a permit to build the pipeline was rejected once before due to community opposition.   They are seeking another permit for this same line.

This little community, has its big government corruption of its own apparently.    One of the board members, according to Overholt sold property to the company building the pipeline.  The veteran wants the board member removed for a conflict of interest.

Another potential river pollution site waiting to happen.   Good to see a veteran still willing to hold his ground.   He should not fight this alone.

GOP Maine gov. is doing something revolutionary with food stamps and welfare

To reblog or comment? More people will view the reblog……..and this is certainly worthy. Good to see a government official thinking, inside or outside the box. Is the Maine Gov. presidential material?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Maine’s Republican governor on Wednesday launched a push to make more “able-bodied” people work for their food stamps.

“People who are in need deserve a hand up, but we should not be giving able-bodied individuals a handout,’’ said Gov. Paul R. LePage.

LePage will reportedly stop seeking a federal waiver — issued at the height of the Great Recession — allowing some food stamp recipients to bypass requirements that they work or volunteer, according to local news channel WCSH.

About 12,000 of the state’s residents receiving $15 million annually in food stamps are considered to be able-bodied by Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services DHHS, which administers the aid. That means that they are between the ages of 18 and 49, have no dependents and are not pregnant or disabled.

In the next three months, those who are deemed able-bodied must work or volunteer with a community organization for 20…

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Arlin Report

I introduced myself a day or so ago as a rookie to blogging and freelance writing.   I normally write about politics and current events, focusing on issues the mainstream media does not report.  I said then that I would like to post articles in the writer’s category occasionally to break the monotony and break to a lighter side.

As a newbie to writing I find myself becoming addicted to placing my body at this keyboard and writing something.    I already posted two political articles today……didn’t feel like a third, but I had to write.  I believe in the 6 to 7 weeks of experience I have now gained I see improvement.  I have a question for the more seasoned writers.   Is it good that I am addicted so quickly and can’t get enough?   I don’t want to just put words down, I really am striving for quality…

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