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5 facts you may not know about the Normandy invasion

Give Me Liberty

This is from Stars And Stripes.

  Tommorrow it will be the Normandy Invasion plus 70 years.

I will be posting to help remember the men who did and did not make it back from WW ll. 

Five facts you may not know about the Normandy invasion:

Bloody A Company

For most the men of A Company, 1st Battalion, 116th Infantry, Normandy was their first taste of combat. For many of them, it would be their last. Four companies of the regiment, from the Virginia National Guard, were tapped for the first wave at Omaha Beach. A Company was tasked with seizing the road leading from the beach to the French town of Vierville a few miles inland.

Even before the first landing craft hit the beach, things began going wrong. Strong current left many soldiers seasick and disoriented. U.S. bombers that were supposed to soften up coastal defenses had missed…

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