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America is Fed Up

No, we are unhappy with the economy, unhappy we’re heading in the wrong direction and down on the political system. Correction here though with the pollsters; there is nothing wrong with the system, it is the elected officials executing the system we are unhappy with. We are not Fed up….not yet. FED UP MEANS YOU ARE UNHAPPY BUT ARE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. WE HAVEN’T SEEN THAT YET. Hopefully more of us get FED UP!

T.B Rickert's Call

The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll provides an interesting insight into the mood of the country, while President Obama’s approval number hit an all time low of 40 percent for this poll, Congress’s approval remained significantly lower. While the numbers for President Obama are dreadful, I want to focus on the country’s mood.

Let’s start with this local news broadcast in Massachusetts from WWLP-22:

Other numbers from the poll:

  • 40 percent say someone in their household lost a job in the past five years;
  • 27 percent say they have more than $5,000 in student-loan debt for either themselves or their children;
  • 20 percent have more than $2,000 in credit card debt they are unable to pay off month to month;
  • 17 percent say they have a parent or a child over 21 years old living with them for financial or health reasons.
  • 49 percent believe the country  is still in a recession

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St. Louis County, Missouri will have a new County Executive come November.  Steve Stenger doubled up the votes on the incumbent County Executive Dooley.   Hopefully we see a larger scale pattern of replacing elected officials across the nation on all levels.   This is good news for a Wednesday morning.



I was going to write this evening on what I learned from reading Dinesh D’Souza’s America Imagine a World Without Her.   It won’t be a book report, just my opinion of where we could be headed as a nation, our children’s future.  However, I am having a difficult time focusing on the message I want to present; I’ll save it for another evening.

I was checking and reading blogs during lunch today, when I came across a very graphic photo, one that bothered me throughout the day, and still lingers.   It was a young boy from Gaza, I would guess around 2 years of age.  He was laid on a blanket, dead.  I won’t describe anymore, it was obviously very gruesome, so much so after I studied it for a moment I flipped the screen so no one else could view.  I had just stared for a couple of moments at this image of what was someones baby, wondering what the family was going through.   I have no idea, I couldn’t possibly, I don’t know that I can even imagine. All I could think of was my grandchildren.

It doesn’t matter who this child was, he was Palestinian by birth, he could have been Israeli, or Mexican, Russian or American.  It doesn’t matter.  He died senselessly.  I know its war, many die senselessly.

I don’t want to hear all the political crap right now about who is right or wrong or even why.   I’ve heard it all or most.     It doesn’t matter……..he was someones baby.


Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary must be smoking weed from the same pipe.

Random Candidate

” Imagine any other crime, and think about whether or not you’d have someone say it was okay because there was “enormous pressure” on the people committing the crime.”

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Did you ever watch The Tonight show with Jay Leno, where he would go out on the streets and ask questions randomly of those passing by?  Now I am sure only those with the most ridiculous answers were aired, it was for comedy after all.  Still, the fact people wouldn’t even know who their vice president was, or had little knowledge of current events etc.    I apologize but for a lack of a better word, they were simply dumb, uneducated people, Americans.

Dumbing Down of America did occur and continues.   Think about this, could this explain the mentality and intelligence (lack thereof) of our Congressional leaders and president?   I will excuse Obama from this group, he learned very well from his mentor Saul Alinsky…..and college professors.  He is executing Alinsky’s political philosophy of destroying the U.S. just as instructed.   Our leaders just may be products of the Dumbing Down of America of our educational system.

Only 22 – 25% of voters will vote today, Tuesday Aug. 5 in Missouri.  Lack of interest, lost hope…….is it all part of the Dumbing Down?  This didn’t just happen over night.   We don’t get involved, not enough of us anyway.  Too many people either aren’t aware or don’t care what goes on in our country and the world.  Too many zombies!  Our society is too easily controlled by corrupt government and president.  Dumbing Down is about control, keep us from thinking for ourselves.

I believe a lot of problems we face today could better be solved if it weren’t from a  deteriorated education system.   Am I off base here?

Awesome: persons from ebola-outbreak countries among illegal border crossers


Public Secrets

Ebola virus Ebola virus

I’m telling ya, this is how Act One of a bad science fiction movie would run. A report leaked to Breitbart Texas from the Customs and Border Patrol service (CBP) discusses how people from all over the globe are trying to exploit our porous southern border to get into the United States. People from more than 75 different countries have been apprehended. That’s frustrating enough. But what is truly scary is where some of them are coming from:

Among the significant revelations are that individuals from nations currently suffering from the world’s largest Ebola outbreak have been caught attempting to sneak across the porous U.S. border into the interior of the United States. At least 71 individuals from the three nations affected by the current Ebola outbreak have either turned themselves in or been caught attempting to illegally enter the U.S. by U.S. authorities between January 2014 and…

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As most of the world’s press condemns Israel for defending itself against promised genocide, those same so-called media outlets are completely silent on the inhumanly savage campaign of slaughter ISIS is waging upon innocent Christians in Iraq. Why is the media and American leadership silent on this? Is the message they are sending, “Slaughtering innocent Christians is acceptable, but defending yourself against murderous Muslim scumbags is vile and abhorrent?” I no longer recognize what used to pass for the self-proclaimed civilized world.


Powdered Wig Society


by Dom The Conservative, Universal Free Press

With over one million Christians fleeing Syria for their lives, and the last of 2000 years of Christians being exiled from Mosul, Iraq, the world cannot easily ignore the persecution Islam has exacted in the Middle East. The Obama Administration, along with most of the mainstream media, has purposefully turned a blind eye to favor and appease the Muslim culture.

Fearing for their lives, Christians have fled Islamic forces, and have a message for the U.S., along with the rest of the world.

A young Assyrian Christian woman in Syria begged for their story to be told:

“Please, the world needs to know: We are captives, we don’t have water or electricity here in Aleppo but it is nothing compared to the fear we have toward the Islamists. Why is no one doing anything to save us?”

Although masses have already left…

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