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Khazarian Mafia Running Biden Psy-ops Out of Switzerland —

Khazarian Mafia Running Biden Psy-ops Out of Switzerland Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis / Benjamin Fulford The grotesque psychological warfare operation against the American people known as the “Biden presidency” is run out of an underground base in Switzerland, MI6, NSA, FSB, CIA, and other sources agree. The base straddles the borders of Lichenstein, Austria, […]

Khazarian Mafia Running Biden Psy-ops Out of Switzerland —

Will the real Hillary Clinton please sit down!

They Aren’t Hiding It, You Just Aren’t Hearing It

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From 2016:

Top CDC Official: ‘We’ll Just Get Rid of All Whites in the United States’ Who Refuse Vaccines

Gates Honored Doctor: “We’ll just get rid of all the whites in the United States” Chair of Advisory Committee on Immunizations floats racially-based depopulation plan op Center for Disease Control official was caught on tape in 2016 saying that society should “get rid of of all the whites in the United States” to reduce the number of people who refuse vaccines. Dr. Carol Baker made the alarming remarks during the “Achieving Childhood Vaccine Success in the U.S.” panel discussion sponsored by the National Meningitis Association in New York City on May 9, 2016. “So I have the solution. Every study published in the last five years, when you look at vaccine refusers,” Baker told the panel. “I’m not talking about…hesitance, most of them we can talk into coming to terms. But…

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Hunter Biden: Laptop “Certainly” Could Be Mine | ZeroHedge News

OR i could have just forgot about and left it in that guys computer repair shop.

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Hunter Biden admitted in a Friday interview that the infamous “laptop from hell” which contained explosive evidence of shady business dealings and a trove of sexual material – some of it allegedly underage – “absolutely” could belong to him.

Sitting down with CBS‘s “Sunday Morning,” Hunter – the ‘smartest guy’ President Biden knows – was asked a “yes or no” whether a MacBook Pro dropped off at a Delaware computer repair shop in April 2019 was his, according to the New York Post – which was banned from Twitter for more than two weeks last October for simply reporting on the laptop.

“I really don’t know what the answer is, that’s the truthful answer,” said Hunter of the water-damaged MacBook Pro which was eventually seized by the FBI (whose top child porn investigator signed a subpoena to obtain), adding “I have no idea.”

When asked whether it…

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