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You may not like Hannity on Fox. You may not like Mark Levin, but this man’s perspective/insight on America, what it was and what it is and can be is remarkable. Levin tells it like it is, and shoots nothing but TRUTH BULLETS.

If anything needs to go viral it is this video linked below. Help me ………by helping yourself and all of us. This is a great start to getting our country back…… is being taken from us!!! Do it for the children! America “is” waking up. Many are still asleep, right along “Sleepy Joe” and his authoritarian administration, Susan Rice………Kamala Harris……..Nancy Peolsi………Chuck Schumer……..Adam Schiff……and most of Congress…..oh and yes Obama! Watch the video, then make it go viral!

Note From Mark: Learning More About Biden World!

This article by Glenn H. Ray is so spot on! The sad thing, it shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be this way in America. As Biden said “This is America Dammit” !

MN Prager Discussion Group

A sagacious commenter in the St. Paul Pioneer Press: from Mark Waldeland <>Wed .

“I totally agree with your post as long as “Biden” is replaced by “the administration”. I can scarcely hold someone responsible for what they said months ago when odds are that most days he can’t even remember what he had for breakfast. Biden is a puppet, meekly reading what he is given to read by the people with the real power in this country: people with names like Pelosi, Harris, Obama, Schumer, McConnell, etc. Yep, McConnell. I have no doubts whatever that Ol’ Mitch, despite his recent bombast, is firmly in bed with the power brokers. THEY are the people responsible for:

1. A nearly 9% rise in wholesale prices since Biden was sworn in–the sharpest hike in at least two decades.

2. Paying “extended” unemployment to persons to such an extent that they’d rather sit on…

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MN Prager Discussion Group

Out America the Beautiful began dying in the 1960s when its youth began to return to its animal past. The Sundays set aside for God and Family began to disappear. By the 1990s American Mothers began to disappear from family life. It was richer with more power to run shows at an American college somewhere!

By 2015 the American female began to disappear from Motherhood preferring colleges as their future GAINING power in life. Fascism began to fulfill their enlarging bodies, suggesting ‘superior minds’ FROM FEELINGS….Feelings, therefor should dictate human problem solving.

Truth is a Male Drive Problem! HE WAS BORN TO BE CURIOUS, BORN TO SOLVE PROBLEMS, NOT TO RAISE A CHILD! Let him swim in failure. Let Fems dictate from their feelings!

Fem fascists, like all fascists, strive to become gods for life by habit. They feel so superior they deserve POWER TO RULE!

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Kamala Violates Federal Law — disturbeddeputy

She has no respect for the constitution. Has no intention of following it. But, nether does “Sleepy Joe”. Sleepy Joe is senile, follows directions from the Obama team (Susan Rice especially) . They can both be impeached for not following their oath of office, to abide by the Constitution. But the party in power will ignore it all, as they are equally guilty. Welcome to socialism! (Arlin Report comment)

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

She has no respect for the Constitution, and has no intent to obey the law. Constitutional Scholar Nails Kamala Harris on Blatant ‘Violation of Federal Law’

Kamala Violates Federal Law — disturbeddeputy

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a "Backwoods" Conservative

Let me start things off by saying that the last thing I need is to have some senile old pervert like ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden or, for that matter, any scumbag Democrat reminding me that this is still the United States of America. This despite all that they have done in what has been, and continues to be, their very determined effort to destroy it. And it’s from where I’m standing that the only ones in need of being reminded of that fact would be ‘Creepy Joe’ himself and every Democrat politicians, as well as every brain dead moron who insists upon voting for any of these power-hungry losers.

Which brings me to *president ‘Creepy Joe,’ who, during a speech in Scranton, Pennsylvania this past Wednesday, appeared frustrated regarding the fact that his agenda has stalled in Congress. ‘Creepy Joe’ shouted, “This is the United States of America, dammit!” And then…

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National Institute of Health Confirms Fauci Lied Under Oath: Did Fund “Gain of Function” Virus Research at Wuhan Lab

They won’t remove him, he won’t resign! Lied to Congress, but oh well! Hillary lied, many before and after her. Where are they? Still stomping around in the Swamp! There is no such thing as accountability or justice in D.C. NONE! (Arlin Report comment)

Political Arena

“Gain of Function” is a euphemism for biological weapons research. Taking a virus and mixing it with other virus’ and DNA sources to make them more powerful and contagious. 

We have disabled people and veterans who are suffering and we are giving money to CHINA, the single worst human rights abuser in the world, money for bioweapons research. I am sure the fancy far left professors will deny that anyone would use such a thing for bioweapons because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is as pure as the wind driven snow. 

Those who authorized the funding lied and said that there is no way COVID came from a lab and anyone who says so is a nutty conspiracy theorist.

Then other scientists said wait a minute it does look like it came from a lab.

Then others started to admit it likely came from a lab, then even the corpomedia…

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