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Disgrace in more ways than one!

Total disgrace, Illinois, she is coming to a town near you, she wants to represent you.

What Did You Say?

Maybe she just got confused as to which was her right hand, nah, the look says it all. Look where her hand is 

The look or her face sums it up;

  • Disdain for The Flag

  • Disdain for the salute

  • Disdain for patriotism

  • Disdain for America

  • Disdain for all that America once stood for

  • Disdain for all who disagree with her and her Socialist. Saul Alinsky disciple followers and Marxist cronies on the Left.

Michelle Obamas disdain for the salute
Sorry Yet 02
 VOTE 02

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What Difference Does It Make: The Liberal Ideology

Was worth repeating. Thank you.

The Pajama Patriot

“What difference does it make?” We have now heard this phrase used twice by our liberal politicians to address policy decisions of monumental importance.

Most of America was shocked when Hillary Clinton used the phrase in her congressional hearing on Benghazi. More recently, Harry Reid surprised us, yet again, by using it to defend the White House’s decision to bypass congress and trade five Taliban detainees for the release of one American deserter.

This kind of talk, particularly in Harry Reid’s case, is not accidental. It is part and parcel of the liberal ideology. From the progressive viewpoint, good intentions and a positive end result are all that matter. Methodology takes a back seat. The law, fraught with its cumbersome requirements and limits on methodology, is an annoyance to the left. It is an obstacle to be skirted whenever possible to achieve progressive ends.

The case of Bowe Bergdahl is…

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Obama’s 3AM Benghazi Call Was To Google To Plot Coverup

If this story turns out to be true, this makes a Watergate Cover-up peanuts. If the evidence is true, and there are strong indications they are…….impeachment proceedings should begin immediately. If they don’t, Congress should be held accountable, and they become part of the cover-up. I will be investigating to confirm  validity of this potential bombshell ……….with an article to follow.


Obama Was Making Up Benghazi Cover Up During The Attack

” Now new evidenced has surfaced that might just be the nail in the coffin for the Obama administration.

  According to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, an explosive new email reveals that the White House was contacting YouTube owner Google to try and come up with a false narrative for the events that were in progress in Benghazi.

via Tea Party News Network:

  House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa said on Thursday that the Obama White House was contacting YouTube owner Google during the Benghazi terrorist attacks, working on the false narrative even before Americans were out of harm’s way and before the intelligence community examined available evidence. 

  The still classified Obama State Department email, according to Issa, shows that the Obama White House rushed to settle on the…

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Imagine this, If Barack Obama was the general manager of the Chicago Cubs. The poor Cubbies have five losers that just don’t fit in well with the team’s chemistry, ride the bench and are not fan favorites; they’ve seen how they play. Now the Yankees GM picked up this foreign free agent sometime back who was feeling lost without a team, but the Yanks thought he deserved a 2nd chance. The lost soul really liked his new teammates but doesn’t communicate well and just wasn’t catching on to the Yankee way. Management held on to their bonus baby as the GM felt he had some trade bait value.

The Yankee GM knew of the five potential stars wasting away on the Cub’s roster, but thought their organization could convert them back into the stars they once were, if they could only pry them away from that shrewd negotiator, Barack Obama. After a couple of phone calls the Yankee squad was surprised just how willing Obama was to give up the 5 bombers, I mean sluggers for one lost soul.

The Yankees broke out in celebration as they anticipate becoming the powerhouse and threat against the rest of the league. While back in Chicago, the fans are stunned and raged with bitter outcry against their team leader. Who in their right mind would trade five players for one player with little or no value; five that will surely come back to haunt them. This is how to destroy a team……

Barack Obama told Brian Williams in an interview on Friday, he would “do it again”. He would trade five terrorist for the one, if he were in the same situation. Even after the outcry from the American people, he would give them back again. Obama made these comments on the 70th Anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, France and he did it arrogantly. What an insult to all, especially to the men that sacrificed for our freedom that historic day.

He hasn’t been listening. He has no interest in our security and future. Barack Obama would destroy a baseball team with his executive strategy and style. He is playing with our lives…….If this were baseball, he’d be fired. You perform or you are gone.
Why do we hold our professional sports teams and management on higher expectations and then dismiss them for poor performance, but do nothing when our leaders fail.

This isn’t a game, Obama has had his chance to perform and has failed. His actions are worse than reckless and irrational, they are insane. This is a man who cares not for the well-being of the country. He is our Commander-in-Chief for God’s sake. Does a commander-in-chief in his right mind just hand over a nuclear bomb for a firecracker? I just don’t want him to destroy our nation. I remember a president being run from office because he was accused of covering up a burglary! A burglary! We and we alone will have to hold Obama accountable. Congress won’t, they’re part of the problem. We must deal with them as well. Its time to remove Barack Obama from the White House. He has betrayed this nation. Thomas Jefferson warned us there would be times like this and our founding fathers placed means to deal with them within our constitution. Its time We the People respond.

This may offend you

The Bold and the Beautiful

I am excited and also somewhat apologetic that the first thing I’m going to throw out into the blogosphere is going to probably offend someone.  But when it comes down to it, that is pretty much the type of blog you’re entering into.  One that is going to touch on subjects that many people avoid.   Doing that is bound to offend someone.  So, don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

I’ve thrown around the idea of blogging for sometime now, but it was a post on FB today that finally did it for me.  I responded to a post in my normal fashion…meaning a small novel at a time, in what I thought was support for someone going through a hard time…and it went terribly, terribly wrong.  As usual, I was my blunt, unapologetic self in my opinion on something that I didn’t realize she completely disagreed with me on…the…

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