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A resistance movement is an organized effort by some portion of the civil population of a country to resist the legally established government or an occupying power and to disrupt civil order and stability.   Example:   The French Resistance during World War II against Hitler and Nazi Germany’s occupation; that was then.    Today, it is the resistance movement by the Left (Democrats) and to an extent Republicans (John McCain) against President Donald Trump.   The election disturbed THE POWERS THAT BE. They are trying desperately to re-establish their position of total control of this interruption from the businessman, that was not supposed to be.   Hillary Clinton’s occupancy of the White House was planned for years.  How dare Donald Trump and the American people say otherwise.

Call it a shadow government, it’s a resistance…..not only against President Donald Trump, but against those who elected him, Trump supporters.  Hillary Clinton, flat-out said to “RESIST”.  Obama pulling strings from off stage, possibly even funding protests.   Loretta Lynch, encourages violence, blood and death on the streets.  People across the country are saying they are getting robocalls from Obama and Hillary to contribute financially to the Resistance against Trump.

Everyday, morning noon and night, the MSM lead stories are protest, demonstrations by the Resistance to Trump.   This is more than resistance…….we are in civil war.   Look how divided we are as a nation; how we became from eight year of Obama.   He continues to feed the divide.

It’s a silent…….but I am not so sure it is all that silent, a COUP.  No one in the U.S. has more experience at political coups than Hillary Clinton.


Hillary called Brazile a Brain Dead Buffalo

Secret Service Agents protecting the Clinton’s have claimed similar out of control behavior of Hillary Clinton; and still Democrats adore her.   This is kind of like a victim of abuse from a spouse, protecting, lying, continuing to support and stay in the relationship with the abuser.


Nation of hypos! Globalist intelligence operatives have started a war with Trump. Vía Infowars

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It is amazing that a White House as dirty as Obamas’ there was no call for a cleansing.

The crooked yelling foul!  Life in a hypocritical nation!

99% sure must be 100%

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99% needs to be 100%   GET THE OTHER 1%

Blagojevich seeks presidential commutation of prison term — Brittius

Blagojevich seeks presidential commutation of prison term Source: Blagojevich seeks presidential commutation of prison term

via Blagojevich seeks presidential commutation of prison term — Brittius

Little Rod would steal from his mother.   Leave him where he is……..he is a male, slightly scaled down version of Hillary Clinton.  Corruption doesn’t phase them.   Nobody is in the same class as Hillary when it comes to corruption……..nobody.