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Fake nations and governments (ruled by media)?? Elitists control of media!!

“The idea of real nations and governments is a cutesy fairy tale sold to the masses so they won’t see the manipulations.”   I understand this quote from the article below…… and I am not sure I completely buy into it; however, I do believe the governments and elitists do manipulate the masses, to blind us of the truth of what goes on in the world.  Real nations and governments as a “cutesy fairy tale” probably more like nightmares in real life.

After years of being groomed by George Soros… America’s first (second?) Muslim President? — Brittius

Originally posted on Remember The 14 Words: After years of being groomed by George Soros. He has been handpicked by the Left to be their next “champion” of Hope and Change. He is 32 years old, born in the USA, and an extremely well educated Muslim Doctor in Detroit Michigan. (education funded by Soros) He is…

via After years of being groomed by George Soros… America’s first (second?) Muslim President? — Brittius

Another groomed candidate of George Soros, like Obama and Hillary.  Gradual decline and planned destruction.


This link below reminded me of a funny……sad sort of story when I went through the security check at the St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport.  As I passed through the scan, I was instructed to back up and go through another.   Something on me was setting the alarm… they had me pass through to be pat down.   They still couldn’t figure it out.   It was my belt I forgot to remove.   They never agreed is was my belt…….which they ignored, they never even saw.   I was allowed through without any further checking or stripping.  I went to put my shoes back on, when I realized my belt hadn’t been removed. Why did I get off so easily, with all the stories you hear with infants and old timers getting groped?