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Matt, I’ll get with the military minds about the plan, but I’m not sharing it with you, or ISIS.

Matt Lauer, and in fairness others, keep digging Donald Trump for his strategy for fighting/destroying ISIS.  Trump says he has a plan, a specific plan but won’t share it with the world and ISIS; let alone Matt Lauer.   Trump says we (okay maybe he says he) will destroy ISIS and can do it quickly…….but won’t say how.

Its okay for Trump to inform ISIS we are going to destroy them and end their terrorist regime……..they should know!   But, it makes sense, not to share how.   Some things should be obvious to them, they will have the hell bombed out of them.  You don’t share your military strategy with you enemy.  You don’t give them your military plans for destroying them.  They should know they’re going to die but, you don’t tell them how or when.   That gets people killed, Americans killed.  Why doesn’t Matt Lauer understand this?   Is it because he is the liberal media, incapable of understanding common sense?

Here is how I would explain it to Mr. Lauer:

Matt, you’re coaching a football team.  I’m coaching a team and if you are going to share your game plan, your strategy on each down, your trick plays; I really want to play against you.   Because now, I have a game plan, that counters and is an answer to your plan.  But guess what Matt, I’m not sharing my strategy.  You just gave us an advantage, which puts you and your players at a disadvantage……..and we’re going to kick your butt!   Sure Matt you’ll know the obvious, we’ll pass and we’ll run the ball…..but you’ll know nothing else.

Mr. Lauer, did you really want to know the plan or were just testing Trump to see if he stayed the course?   By the way, Hillary said there would be no ground troops on the ground in Syria, never, not ever.   That must have put ISIS at ease!  Have they sent Hillary a thank you e-mail message yet?


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