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Originally posted on Peace and Freedom: AFP © AFP | Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Iran’s missiles do not breach UN resolutions because they are for defence purposes TEHRAN (AFP) – Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Tuesday warned the United States against “creating new tensions” with Tehran over ballistic missile tests.”We hope that Iran’s…

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Source: Homeland Security: NY Court Order Will Not Affect Trump’s Refugee Travel Ban

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Image result for photos of protesters at the airports against refugee ban

They will protest anything and everything Trump!  It is more about Trump than anything!   They didn’t protest Obama on his 6 month ban against Iraqi refugees in 2011.

Many of the protesters at the airports were…….immigrants.  How many of those are illegal?

It’s good to see so many people out supporting the refugees.   When they are vetted properly and allowed in (as much as possible) ……..they’ll have housing.   They can go home with the protesters.  Ladies, you’ll have a refugee male to take home with you, from who knows where.  Not willing to take one home?   Not so welcomed then are they?

As a response to the protests……President Trump should initiate a “Refugee home with the protesters adoption policy”.     Refugee supporters should be part of the solution…..take one home, you are responsible for them; feed them, clothe them, share your income,…….teach them our culture and OUR laws, keep them out of trouble.  Good luck with that!  You might get lucky…..the one you take home may be a very good person.   Go ahead roll the dice!


Originally posted on Ace News Services: #AceNewsReport – Jan.27: Child jihadists are found in the Palestinian Territories, the Islamic State, al Qaeda and Boko Haram, but when one is discovered in Europe, it highlights the contrast between Western norms of child raising versus the culture of death found among those espousing the #Salafi mindset. This…

via AUSTRIA: Rising tide of ‘ Child #Jihadists ‘ as ‘ Innocent Children ‘ are not easily suspected of being ‘ Suicide Bombers ‘ are being infiltrated into #Refugee Camps and Europe as is shown by this latest victim of a twelve year-old-boy being radicalised by an Austrian cleric – @AceNewsServices — Brittius


Originally posted on Refugee Resettlement Watch: The word on the cable networks, as I got up this morning, is that the President will not sign his refugee executive orders today. I’ll have more on the news I’m seeing in the next post. As you know I have been tracking the refugee admissions since the morning…

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