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“This years SUPER BOWL XLIX, it really is just about half-time commercials and The Pool.”



Deflategate, as it is called by the mainstream media has been getting a lot of press.  Several press conferences with quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots have been held as well as owner Robert Kraft.  It has been an issue on the news and a huge issue on sports news and programs, particularly talk shows.  Whether the investigation finds that there was cheating by releasing air from the footballs by the Pats or not, much attention has been drawn towards the team and the NFL.   Fans that have a dislike for the Patriots, and there are many, keep the conversation moving and are screaming CHEATERS, especially with the biggest game of the season on Sunday.

Benghazi, should get so much attention and concern.   How is it, our political scandals and government official’s misconduct and corruption can’t compare to what happens in the NFL.   I know there are diehard fans.  We should be so lucky to have diehard citizens, with as much interest keeping politics (government) clean as the National Football League.  You would think, We the People would hold the government and politicians more accountable.   We expect our professional sports teams to play by the rules.   We throw a flag when they don’t and we scream when we feel our team has been treated unfairly. The winner of the Superbowl is not as important as the winner of the next presidential election.   We will survive no matter who wins THE GAME,  whether they did fairly or not.   We don’t want or need cheating in the NFL, MLB or NHL……..we don’t want that taught to our children, but we’d survive.   We must be more concerned with who we put in the big house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this next time.  We’ve had enough lies and corruption.  That is about our children and grandchildren’s future. 

We don’t need any repeat offenders in the White House.   Go ahead read between the lines, you know who I am talking about, they’re a team of their own.   The media could do well to cover the garbage that goes on in Washington, no not the Redskins, as they do the sports world.

Enjoy the game.



It is a reflection on Obama that he is surrounded by jackasses.  Like birds of a feather flocking together, jackasses apparently run in herds.

Obama may not have known about the parties plans to hold their wedding on the 16th tee, but course management and Obama’s asses would have known and obviously did not care.  In fairness to Obama (Ugh) he did the right thing, which is rare and apologize to the newlyweds.

We should not be making such a big deal over this, I believe there are graver issues before us, but at the same time it shows a lack of consideration for others on the Obama Asses; however, nobody died.  The media however, searching for whatever, made a big deal out of it.   Give it the 15 minutes, then move on. 

If the newlyweds are okay with it, why shouldn’t we!  




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As a St. Louis Rams season ticket holder I was in attendance for Sundays game against the Oakland Raiders.   I did not learn of the five player’s “hands-up don’t shoot” gesture in support of protesters and rioters in the Michael Brown Worldwide Spectacle until well after the game.  I was not paying attention to the beginning of the introductions when they came on the field, I only saw them shortly after they had dropped their arms.   I know their hands were up, the photo is proof.  To the five players, gentlemen, what proof do you have that Michael Brown had his arms raised?  You have none!   The evidence presented to the Grand Jury indicated Michael Brown’s arms were not up.

Whether you agree with the Grand Jury decision or not; for the Rams players to demonstrate their support of the protesters was highly inappropriate as they were introduced before a crowd of fans.  The players are representatives of their team, the Rams organization.   They were at their place of employment, they were on the job, they were there to play football.   Are the fans to assume the Rams organization supports the position of the protesters?   They had five representatives making a statement.  If it is their personal feelings and expression, they should do it on their own time, not company time.  It was inappropriate and insulting to the police and security at the game.

Had I seen this demonstration, I would have walked out of the game, before it even started.



KC Royal fans you have a great team.  You don’t get to the World Series being mediocre.   To be the best, you need to learn how to lose and win.

Whats with this obsession against the St. Louis Cardinals?  My son and daughter-in-law have lived in KC for nearly two years now.  They are Cardinal fans, they grew up in the St. Louis area.   They went to a restaurant/bar wearing their Cardinal jerseys during the Cardinals/Giants series in the KC area; they could not get served because they were Cardinal fans.   How grade school is that?  They both concurred the KC fans have a strong dislike for the Cardinals and Cardinal fans.   I guess I don’t understand that attitude, since St. Louis has consistently made post season play for many years and its been 29 years since Royal nation won anything.    It seems this dislike and negative behavior is from jealousy; KC wants what STL has built.  Good luck in your Series.








Some St. Louis Rams fans have had enough of the Ferguson protesters.  Protesters were outside the Edward Jones Dome at the intersection of Broadway and Cole Street in St. Louis.

While some protesters did march peacefully, a handful of others were there to intimidate and spark confrontations with fans as they left the game between the Rams and Seahawks Sunday October  19th.   The protesters only interested in stirring the pot of racial and violent reaction were not disappointed.   There were reported incidents of fans and protesters spitting on one another; of course each side blaming the other.

Protesters intimidated by shouting and getting in the faces of some fans.   One fan angered by the American flag being flown upside down, grabbed the flag and ran.   Protesters caught up with the flag rescuer only to wrestle for its possession.   Punches were thrown during some of the struggles and two individuals are sporting black eyes this morning.  Two arrests were made, one of a female protester wearing a black tee-shirt with F_ _ K THE COPS on the front.   Really a nice demonstration  for children to see while attending a sporting event!!!   This only shows the stupidity of some and where this come.






Yep, I am a Cardinal fan.  I have been all my life and I am 62.  When we win a series like we did tonight, I still act like the kid from 1964 when we beat the Yankees in the World Series.   I remember running outside jumping up and down. I was only 12 then.  It was the first world championship I remember as a Cards fan.  We haven’t won the World Series yet this year, we aren’t even there yet.  We know not to get ahead of ourselves, when you do, bad things happen.

Tonight we (the Cardinals) beat the L.A. Dodgers 3-2 to win the divisional series.  We will now face the winner of the San Francisco Giants vs. Washington Nationals series.

I must admit, we are spoiled in St. Louis. We expect to be here. However, beating the Dodgers and their best pitcher, the best pitcher in all of baseball twice in the same series, is exciting……..for us.  What makes it fun, is knowing you had to beat one of the best, otherwise, what is it worth?

If we make it to, and I am confident we will, the 2014 World Series, we will have only gotten there because we beat what may be the best team, outside of the Cards of course, the Dodgers.  The Dodgers have great pitching, and a scary lineup from top to bottom.  The Cardinals had to play their best baseball of the year to win this National League Divisional Series.

I grew up in Union, Missouri.  A small community 45 min. from St. Louis.   I went to Sportsman’s Park to watch Stan the Man Musial.  I watched Lou Brock tie the base stealing record from the center field bleacher seats in Busch Stadium.  Was there when Jim Edmonds beat the Astros on an extra inning home run during the National League Playoffs, only to see us lose to Boston in the World Series via standing room.

We are Cardinal Nation and winning never gets old.

To the little boy in L.A. that was making the Sign of the Cross and praying his beloved Dodger blue would pull out a win  in game Two; I understand; been there done that.  I know you are disappointed. You’ll have your day soon.  You’ll never forget what you saw.  Winning is great, but someday the memory of being there will be what stands out.

I have to say this: Go Cards!  We are Cardinal Nation.   It must be October!



It is disturbing enough that Ray Rice struck and knocked this lady out; it is equally disturbing that after dragging her out of the elevator he just stood there not attending to her.   He obviously did not care how hurt she was.

There is more that is disturbing and difficult to understand. The first man who approached Rice and his then fiancée, while she was still down, did not come to her assistance either.   Within seconds a 2nd and 3rd individual showed up, no one knelt down to see if she was okay.   I do not know what Rice told the other men that approached, regarding what happened, they did not see him strike her in the elevator.   However, they too could see that Rice was not looking out for her, why didn’t anyone go to here assistance?   Maybe at some point they did, and it doesn’t show on video; at any rate, it was late. Ray Rice should be in jail, and the others, I hope you feel good about yourselves and how you handled the situation.