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Joe “Punchless” Biden wants to take Donald “Trash Talker” Trump behind the gym.  I have been visualizing that scene ever since the quote came out from Biden.  I gotta tell ya……I’m seeing a quick, ugly bout.  I see Trump finishing Biden off in about 1-2 minutes.   Biden is a talker……Trump a trash talker, but physically speaking I don’t see a contest.  I would however, pay to see it!   I hope there would be an ambulance nearby.



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Photo from Lee at the Post Dispatch-St. Louis


Matt Holliday, has been a St. Louis Cardinal for 7 1/2 years.   A great Cardinal, loved by Cardinal nation.   Matt has been my favorite Cardinal since his arrival in St. Louis.  I was there for his first game in a Redbird uniform, when he hit a double off the left center-field wall to excite the crowd.

Matt has been on injured reserve for several weeks with a broken thumb.  It’s healed but still a bit sore and stiff.   The Cardinals announced they would not pick up the left fielder’s 2017 option.  They agreed to activate him for the final regular season weekend, for a farewell to the fans.   He did not disappoint and neither did the fans.

I was with my daughter last night, with great seats down the third baseline in the 2nd level, a great view.   My daughter is pregnant, was craving some water.  It’s 7th inning stretch, and I was going to use the restroom (too much info, sorry) she ask if I’d get her a bottle of water; naturally I would.  I was approaching the concession worker, with my eyes on the TV monitor above, could I be seeing this correctly?    Holliday has bat in hand approaching the plate and his name is announced. The fans knowing we were possibly seeing his finale at bat, game as a Cardinal, gave him a strong Cardinal Nation standing ovation.  I stood and watched as he takes his classic Holliday swing the other way and the ball sails into the right field bullpen, a solo home run.  Incredible, unbelievable, he has swung a bat in weeks and he catches the ball perfectly and drills it; you could not write a better ending.

Holliday is greeted by first baseman Matt Carpenter with a hug as he crosses the plate.   At the top of the dugout steps, long-time teammates Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright meet Matt with a three-man hug, tears begin to flow from Holliday and possibly his mates.   Once in the dugout, the other team members share hugs, but the fans demand a curtain call.  Matt came back to the top of the steps, tips his hat to the crowd, a delirious fan base.   More tears flow from Holliday and some from fans as iPods and other video devices capture this beautiful moment.  I will admit, I was choking back tears.

When I made it back to my seat, my daughter laughs, and says thinking to herself, “Dad is missing Hollidays final at bat.” and seconds later “Oh dads going to be so upset he missed this Holliday homer.”.  I didn’t miss it, I saw it on the T.V.,  “it’s not the same” she says.  I told her, “but I was here”.   What I did see, that I can never remember seeing quite like this before:  When the ball fell into the bullpen, the crowd around the concessions were screaming, including the workers, my concession clerk was dancing.   I’ve been to countless Cardinals baseball games in my life, this was an exciting moment, concession workers celebrating with fans.  I’ve seen it before, but not quite like this……  What makes it even more special, Matt Holliday loves being a Cardinal, he loves the fans, and we love him.  He wore the Cardinal’s uniform as well as anyone ever has.  What a classy gentleman.  Thank you Matt!

Hope Solo ‘Unlikely’ to Face Censure for Calling Sweden ‘Cowards’: IOC Spokesman — TIME

The International Olympic Committee is none too happy with U.S. soccer goalie Hope Solo. Solo called Sweden’s soccer team “a bunch of cowards” after Sweden upset the U.S. team during the Friday quarterfinals of the Rio Olympics. IOC spokesman Mark Adams described Solo’s outburst as “disappointing” during a Saturday briefing in Rio de Janeiro. However,…

via Hope Solo ‘Unlikely’ to Face Censure for Calling Sweden ‘Cowards’: IOC Spokesman — TIME

Poor sportsmanship, is what it is.   I would disagree the better team did not win, not on this day.   Game strategy, you adapt according to your opponent.  U. S. may have the more skillful team.   The U.S. did not adapt to the type of play Sweden presented to beat them.  A tie got them to a shoot out.   Solo was out played in net during the shoot out or Sweden’s goal scorers during shoot out were simply better.  You set your game strategy to give your team the best chance of winning.  You do not play to your opponents strength.  It is as simple as that.  I am a former college soccer player and coached soccer at a high school level.  It worked for me.

World-Class golf experiences await in Southwest Missouri —

RIDGEDALE, MO. (KPLR)–The Ozark region is known for its beauty. Those picturesque settings are on display at Big Cedar Lodge’s premier golf courses, Top of the Rock and Buffalo Ridge. “I think we just wanted to make a world class experience for folks to come out, be outdoors, and enjoy the Ozark mountains.” Said Top…

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‘Not the America we want’: Obama blasts Trump’s Muslim plans — Montreal Gazette

President Barack Obama angrily denounced Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric on Tuesday, blasting the views of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee as a threat to American security.

via ‘Not the America we want’: Obama blasts Trump’s Muslim plans — Montreal Gazette

Obama you don’t speak for me.   Trump is anti-RADICAL MUSLIM.  Big difference jack ass.

In a rare move, the Blues tell Mike Yeo he’ll be their head coach in 2017-18 —

Mike Yeo is officially the coach in waiting in St. Louis. NHL hires don’t normally happen like this, but the Blues announced Monday that Yeo will take over the team as head coach after the 2016-17 season, which will be the last for current head coach Ken Hitchcock. Yeo will serve as the associated coach under…

via In a rare move, the Blues tell Mike Yeo he’ll be their head coach in 2017-18 —


Hundreds, thousands will post and write about Muhammad Ali today and for years to come.   Why repeat here, what everyone else is and will be saying about this legend except my personal perspective:

Sometimes, I didn’t like him much.   Loved him in the Olympics.   Loved him knocking out Sonny Liston.  Didn’t like him beating “Smokin Joe Frazier.   I liked Frazier.  In the beginning hated his action (not the man) for “dodging” the draft; thought he became a Muslim to use the religion to keep him out of the military.   Took a few years to realize he was sincere about his belief.

Muhammad Ali never “dodged” the draft like he dodged punches from his challengers.  He took the punches, never ran.  He fought it, stood up to the battle.   Muhammad Ali never ran from anyone or anything.

Parkinson’s Disease did not beat Muhammad Ali, it was his final round, the final bell.


DALLAS, TX - MAY 07:  Robby Fabbri #15 of the St. Louis Blues celebrates after scoring a goal against the Dallas Stars in the first period in Game Five of the Western Conference Second Round during the 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at American Airlines Center on May 7, 2016 in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

After 2 periods the STL Blues lead the Dallas Stars 5 goals to ZERO; Game 7 of the 2nd round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

Expected a much tighter game; but Ken Hitchcock said the Blues would bring their A Game, and come and come and keep coming.  They have done just that. Yes, I’m excited, I am a life time Blue’s fan from the time they came into the league.  GO BLUES!


Hard to think of any politics bashing today.  Last night the Blues beat the Chicago Blackhawks to take the series in game 7.   Great game, but its only one series; and they’ll now head to Dallas for round 2.   Only one series, yes, but they beat the defending champion Blackhawks.    Somebody had too!