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Curly, Moe, Larry and Barry

What else is there to say?   Go ahead, you all can think of something to add.




It is disturbing enough that Ray Rice struck and knocked this lady out; it is equally disturbing that after dragging her out of the elevator he just stood there not attending to her.   He obviously did not care how hurt she was.

There is more that is disturbing and difficult to understand. The first man who approached Rice and his then fiancée, while she was still down, did not come to her assistance either.   Within seconds a 2nd and 3rd individual showed up, no one knelt down to see if she was okay.   I do not know what Rice told the other men that approached, regarding what happened, they did not see him strike her in the elevator.   However, they too could see that Rice was not looking out for her, why didn’t anyone go to here assistance?   Maybe at some point they did, and it doesn’t show on video; at any rate, it was late. Ray Rice should be in jail, and the others, I hope you feel good about yourselves and how you handled the situation.


Mike Ditka, who doesn’t love this guy?   Ditka appeared in a TV ad for Republican candidate Bruce Rauner during the Chicago Bears game.   Ditka, stated he liked Rauner because of his toughness.  The former Bears coach then gave a cold stare towards Rauner, when the candidate stated maybe sometimes he was too though.  Rauner retracted his comment and Ditka responded with “stick to the game plan Bruce, stick to the game plan.”

We’ve heard Mike Ditka speak on talk shows many time; yes most about football.  He is one celeb that often is ask his opinion on many matters, including politics.   Ditka even considered running for the U.S. Senate in 2004, which would have had him contend against Barack Obama, oh my, we were that close to having an actual American citizen in the Senate seat Obama eventually won.

Mike Ditka is a tell it like it is, no BS man.  He would not be controlled by special interest groups or political correctness.  When he speaks it comes from his heart and common sense brain waves.

Mike Ditka is the type of individual this country needs in congress and the White House.   I doubt we could talk this tough straight shooter into running, but he is a great role model.



It’s the first Sunday of the 2014 NFL season.   I haven’t had many visitors or viewers today on my blogs………too busy watching games I guess.

Are people more interested in National League Football than they are with what else is going on in the world or their country?   This is an unofficial survey.   I have only been blogging for 2 months, but, this is my first Sunday during the NFL season, and my blogging numbers have dropped off significantly.   I was just curious, what do you think?