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Hillary Clinton is shown. | AP Photo

A quote from Hillary Clinton:

“Imagine if white drivers were three times as likely to be searched by police during a traffic stop as black drivers, instead of the other way around,” she said, or “if white offenders received prison sentences 10 percent longer than black offenders for the same crimes.”

The above statement was Hillary’s response, first words after nearly three weeks on the shooting in Ferguson and the protesting/rioting.   I’m not sure why Hillary should be so well versed on this coming from Arkansas.   There weren’t too many blacks or whites for that matter getting pulled over by the Arkansas Highway Patrol.  Their responsibility back then was finding and dropping off young ladies for Bill.   By the way Hillary, I thought a lawyer would know that police officers don’t send blacks or anyone to prison.  Do you understand the responsibilities of judges and juries?  If the jury finds you guilty of breaking the law, the judge will impose a sentence which may include prison and will determine for how long.    Where did the 10% longer sentence come from for blacks?  I’m not arguing it, but I am questioning it; I’d like you to actually confirm your stats with sources, you know back it up.  Sorry, but you’ve had credibility issues lately.

Hillary I noticed you scooted right by the Ferguson “situation” without saying a word about Michael Brown or the shooting.  Is the “Jury still out”?



An article from

By:  Noel Brinkerhoff



The militarization of America’s police forces has been the result of federal policy that not only provides the means to give men-in-blue the same tools as combat soldiers, but in fact requires law enforcement to “use it or lose it” when it comes to military equipment.

Specifically, the Department of Defense’s 1033 program—which funnels all kinds of military surplus goods to police—has a provision that clearly says that any participating law enforcement agency must use its equipment within one year of receiving it. If they don’t, they have to give it up.

This from the state of Missouri’s “application to participate” in 1033: “Property obtained under this SPO must be placed into use within one (1) year of receipt, unless the condition of the property renders it unusable, in which case the property can be returned to the nearest DLA Disposition Services Site. If property is not put into use by the LEA (law enforcement agency) within one (1) year, the State/LEA must coordinate a transfer of property to another LEA or request a turn-in to return the property to the nearest DLA Disposition Services Site.”

Another problem with the Pentagon’s decision to shower police forces with military hardware is that it’s not accompanied by training, Amanda Taub noted at Vox.

Kara Dansky, a senior counsel at the American Civil Liberties Union, who wrote the organization’s report on police militarization, told Taub she was unaware “of any training that the government provides in terms of use of the equipment,” or of  “any oversight in terms of safeguards regarding the use of the equipment by the Defense Department.”

While SWAT teams from large police departments train with their equipment regularly, small-town forces often don’t have the resources to spare officers for such exercises. Thus, often the only time they use the surplus equipment is during an emergency.

Noel Brinkerhoff


So, if the police departments choose not to use them and are returned, where do they go, what foreign country or group do they sell them?   Isn’t the presence of the U.N. military vehicles the same as our police having them in their possession?   Whose hands would you prefer these weapons to be in, the U.N. (internationalists) or our police/Americans?

Nothing is being said about the stockpiling of U.N. military vehicles in the U.S.  I showed proof of such vehicles with photos yesterday (one location: near a prison in Texas); yet there is all the press about military vehicles within our police departments.    This seems a bit twisted, our government is behind it all.


OFFICIAL NOTICE from the US Golf Association The golf term “bad lie” is now being simply referred to as an Obama.

The difference in golf and government is that in golf you can’t improve your lie……………………….unless you cheat.

I have played golf most of my life, your personality and character shows on the golf course.   It would not surprise me if Obama wasn’t a cheat or lied about his handicap and scores, he has about everything else.   Bill Clinton was known to improve his lie/cheat on the course.



It’s not always what it seems.  There may be another reason the Gov wants to un-militarize law enforcement.

U.N. Military vehicles are being stockpiled near Bastrop Fed. Pen in Texas.  U.N. vehicles have been spotted for years on the U.S. Highways.  I have no idea how long they have been stockpiling.   They are not being inventoried here to be used elsewhere.

I have a brother who is a truck driver and has seen U.N. trucks rolling down the interstate, recently.

At one time the vehicles were unmarked, now they are clearly marked “U N”.

They have no business here.   The presence of U.N. military vehicles in our country is due to our governments distrust of We the People, rightfully so, that may be one thing they do understand about Americans, we will only take so much.

Where there are U.N. military vehicles, U.N. (internationals) troops will follow.

UNcars2_large_reduced.jpg (31510 bytes)

Photo above courtesy All Texas Net.



I haven’t written about Obama being on a 2 week vacation, until now.  What is all the fuss?   Let the man have some time off, Lord knows he can you use a little relaxation.  Haven’t you seen the stress he is under?   Is Michelle with him….I don’t think she plays golf?

King Obama can still make executive decisions from the golf cart, then go hit that next shank.  I have seen his swing, it can use some work.   I would also advise the President to walk from tee to green, it gives him more time to think, or in his case plot.

Please Barry, take all the time off you need.   Shanks for your service, but why not take a permanent vacation.  Does Joe play?


Hillary Clinton, who is not presently holding a public office but is campaigning for president under cover promoting her book.  Hillary, as a presidential candidate, what do you have to say about the Michael Brown shooting by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri?   Surely, one who likes to talk has something to say, something to add?

We’ve heard opinions, assumptions, ridiculous comments, accusations all without knowing the facts.   Hillary has been critical of Obama’s (non)foreign policy until the killing of a black teenager in a community lacking a solid structure of domestic policy.   Hillary what has your tongue, we’ve not heard from your- highness.  We the People need your encouraging word, your advice, your leadership (about bit my tongue off on that one) after all we aren’t intelligent enough to figure things out, make the right decision or do the right thing.  Hillary it was you that said:  “We just can’t trust the American people to make those types of choices…. Government has to make those choices for people” Read more at

I get it Hill, your advisers have suggested to stay the hell away from the Ferguson, Michael Brown, Darren Wilson stage.  It’s too hot a topic for a candidate to take on, without saying something stupid, isn’t it?  It’s just so unlike you not to chime in.   This is your moment to shine, to show potential leadership skills, that we haven’t seen yet.

If you were president, no lets  knock it down a notch or two; what would you have done if you were governor of Missouri?   What would you have done different?   Not interested in being governor?……….okay what would you have done as president?

For someone running for president you can not stay away from this issue.  Warning, just in case you can’t figure it out for yourself, let the American people explain it to you:  It’s about racial divide, it’s about the relationship between the community, black and white with law enforcement, it’s about distrust in government from all of us, it’s about immigration, healthcare, high/more taxes, low income, corporate greed, government corruption, it’s about our national debt, and on and on………  Hillary, the protests have been about justice, it is about justice but not for just a black man or a police officer (who just may be innocent of murder), it’s about justice for the issues I just mentioned and those I have not.

Hillary, until you and the other phonies in Washington D.C. can do a better job resolving these issues instead of making them worse, I would also suggest you keep your mouth shut as well.

About your quote on our inability to make “those type of choices, that government has to make those choices for us”,  hows the egg taste on your face?  You all ……..have done a wonderful job making the right choices.  Look where that’s gotten us.  Elections will be coming up, we’ll show you (yep from the Show-Me State of Missouri) we are very capable of making choices.


isis ferguson

The ISIS said they were coming to America.   This sign followed this reporter around Ferguson, keeping within camera view.  This is in line with the “ISIS we are here” sign in front of the White House just recently.   It is more likely this sign is for real and not just a protester being stupid.    Our southern border is basically open, with passage of illegals daily.   Obama has given our border little, if any attention.   Ferguson is prime picking for terrorists and a potential recruiting ground for the ISIS.

We make a big deal over a journalist being arrested in Ferguson during the protest, only to be released-but have little reaction to photojournalist James Foley’s beheading by the ISIS.   Obama released 5 terrorists in exchange for Bergdahl, a traitor.  What did he do for Foley?

People are becoming more divided when it is essential we come together.  Obama has done nothing to unite this country-he wants division.  The Black Panthers of all people call him a Muslim from Kenya.   The events in Ferguson plays right into the hands of Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood.  Obama relishes racial division.   He sends Attorney General Holder to find the truth in Ferguson.  Holder?  Holder is an Obama puppet.

Obama shows little concern of the threats against the United States from ISIS.   We must come together, we will have to defend ourselves, as you can not count on, had better not count on Obama.

How much more do we need to hear?  How much more do we need to see?…………before enough is enough and we take a stand for our freedom.

One thing we have learned from the events in Ferguson: it does not take long for Americans to flood the streets quickly.   Someday soon we may need that same united effort to defeat attack on our nation, in our very own neighborhoods.

The ISIS threats against Americans are real!