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It wasn’t that long ago President Obama made the statement “Travon Martin could have been my son.”  I’m not criticizing that, but I would like to introduce to you Mr. President, if you haven’t  heard about this young man, CJ Pearson from Georgia, then you really do have your eyes and ears closed to Americans.  This young man, extremely mature and wise for his age, not only represented girls and boys across our nation, but he spoke for many of us older folks as well.  Yes, this is the 12-year-old that does not question Obama’s patriotism, he already gave us that answer in the now viral video.  He was a voice of not only our children, but he speaks for most Americans.   CJ represents the future.

CJ has witnessed what you do and do not do Mr. President, both what is seen and unseen, from your twisted policies and non-policies.  He, like many Americans that care about our nation and its future is concerned about the direction you are taking us, with your misdirected leadership and un-American agenda.

CJ sees many pictures like the one below, where terrorists cage non-Muslims, torture and murder, then hears little to nothing from his own President.   CJ has heard of Americans killed, and concerned about how many more will die innocently, when the leader of his country does nothing.  He like many American’s doesn’t understand why we are not doing more to destroy a threat now and on their ground before it meets us head-on.  A president that loves his country protects it. 

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 It is young people like CJ that gives us all hope.   I don’t need to speak for CJ, he has proven he can do that for himself, keep it up kid, you’ve made us proud.


So, no Grand Jury indictment, no federal civil charges.   Evidence did not support the protester’s demand for an arrest of Darren Wilson nor Al Sharpton’s cry for civil charges.   Might the real law breakers in Ferguson beginning back in last August be Michael Brown, the looters, the arsonists, rioters and racial baiters like Al  Sharpton, for instigating violence.

Story below by Brian Hayes.


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Office Darren Wilson just let go a big sigh of relief — and the “Reverend” Al Sharpton is about to burst a blood vessel.

We just found out that Wilson will NOT be charged with Federal civil rights violations, in the shooting death of Michael Brown — a huge shock to leftist protesters.

The Washington Times reported:

The Justice Department will not bring any civil rights charges against Darren Wilson, the White police officer involved in the death of a Black teenager, the New York Times reported Wednesday.

Mr. Wilson was exonerated by a grand jury last year of any charges in the altercation that led to the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

The announcement sent off waves of protests and riots, with accusations that the local prosecutor’s office had deliberately led the grand jury to return a “no bill” that didn’t file any charges against the officer.

Many civil rights advocates had pinned their hopes on the Justice Department’s own investigation, saying they wanted the agency to file some kind of charge against Mr. Wilson, who has since resigned from the Ferguson police force.

(But) The Times reported that federal prosecutors are drafting a memo that recommends no action be taken against Mr. Wilson.

So will this finally make Al Sharpton shut up, and see the end of the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” protesters, rioters and arsonists who burnt nearly 20% of Ferguson to the ground last year?

Not likely. The Left is absolutely furious already, and will rant and rave for weeks over what they are calling Obama and Holder’s “surrender” in the face of overwhelming evidence supporting Wilson’s side.

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We need this guy to go coast to coast and speak to the masses of We the People.   This quote sums it up as well as anything I have heard on what is happening within this nation.

He wouldn’t even have to change his message from site to site, repeat and repeat, maybe it would sink in, as long as we aren’t already to far gone.


There are other photographs circulating of Joe, Mr. VP fondling women, mostly young women.   The girls don’t appear to thrilled about it either.  Obviously, the power of being a highly elected officer of our government keeps lawsuits from being filed.  It is quite obvious that the officer above would be able to handle the situation, but if I were the father of one of the girls or ladies he threw himself on I would knock the shit out of him.   Sorry for the bad but appropriate language.

Viewing some of his hand play with some of the women, some of which are married, though that doesn’t matter, and Joe is married himself, to someone he obviously does not deserve.

I am fed up with the elite (in their own mind) doing whatever they please and getting away with it.

Hey, at least Bill Clinton was involved with consenting women; in most cases anyway.