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Happy Halloween





Nancy Pelosi

I have one question to end this night for Nancy Pelosi after reading statements from her website.

Nancy, if Obamacare is so great, and provides affordable healthcare to all and helps researchers find cures to diseases; my question to you is:   “Why hasn’t it cured you?”



Beau is a 2 and 1/2 year old Golden Retriever/White German Shepard mix with no history of aggression or biting. But after Beau killed a duck that wandered on to his own property, he was seized by animal control and the city of Dyersburg, TN plans to euthanize him as a “vicious animal.”

Beau should not be killed for this reason and should be able to live out his life with his owner, Danny Higgins. Danny is heartbroken at the thought that the city plans to euthanize his beloved dog on November 20th.

Danny now has to visit Beau in boarding where the city is forcing him to stay. And on top of this, they’re charging him to keep Beau there.

Beau does not deserve a death sentence – he was just being a dog. Please support Danny and Beau and tell the city of Dyersburg, TN not to kill Beau!   By Karol Wilcox                                                                                                                     Hayti, Missouri

This is beyond ridiculous.    In most cases an animal shelter would have more compassion for a dog, such as the Humane Society.   Animal control in some cities are just “dog catchers”, detain them for a while until they can get an owner to come claim them with a heavy fine.  Usually if the animal is there for too long they are put down.  Animal control usually picks up strays or run-aways; or a dog that is too aggressive or has bitten someone.

Beau, was minding his own business, was not running loose, Beau was on his own property.   Beau did what came instinctively, he killed a duck.   Ducks are birds; if this duck had been a sparrow, Beau would still be home enjoying his life, nothing said, nothing done.

Animal control in Dyersburg, TN and the judge obviously do not understand laws of nature.   If Beau were a wolf or a coyote it would be natural for the duck to become Beau’s prey.   Is animal control going to hide in the woods and watch animal’s kill and feed off of other animals; capture and take them before a judge.   No, of course not, at least I don’t think so but when you start questioning the intelligence of people in leadership and public service roles, you have start wondering.  Whether a small community or a federal agency stupidity reeks on all levels.

Domestic pets, especially dogs still have certain instincts.   Some dogs were bred to hunt…….yes ducks.   Beau may have felt he was protecting his property.  By the way, ducks have been known to be aggressive as well; I don’t know if it was in this case, it doesn’t matter.

I have a Siberian Husky, she roams in her fenced in yard.   Possums and raccoons frequently invade her space at night and they can be mean.   Guess what, they don’t leave the yard alive,   My dog Sky is gentle as a kitten, but she will defend her turf and herself.   They are domestic pets, but they are still animals, and they have certain animal instincts; it is part of their survival.

The gentleman, Karol Wilcox who introduced this story above has a petition, with nearly 400,000 signatures to save Beau.   Take a good look at that photo on top; Beau really looks vicious doesn’t he?

If you are interested in promoting the petition to save Beau, here is a link at the bottom.       Thank you, and Beau will thank you.




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Obamacare, the name alone expresses failure.

We did’t need a socialist healthcare program forced upon all.  Those that had through their own efforts should have been left alone.  The healthcare industry should not be ruled or regulated by the government.  The effectiveness of the government is like a blind man crossing the street and keeps getting hit by a car.

Obamacare is like welfare being forced on you whether you need it or not.   Raise some up by pushing others down…….way down.



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It is stronger than racial tension and cultural divide, it is hate.  Barack Obama is doing everything he conceivably can to create a nation that is at war against one another.   He wants racial tensions to peak, not just between blacks and whites but all races and nationalities.  He doesn’t want civil war, where there are organized factions with common interests, he wants total chaos……a virtual free-for-all.   Obama wants to turn our nation into a Somalia or Uganda, just another 3rd world country.   I guess he would feel more at home.

Corruption in government is on the rise, especially from the White House.  Executive orders are common everyday decisions, orders that are not in the best interest of our country.   There is no common sense in the White House.  Fast and Furious, scandal…….Benghazi total neglect, ISIS and Syrian facade, a diminishing military cut back by your POTUS, and countless others; it’s an Obama  pile on.

Obamacare………has it been good for you?   Obamacare may provide for some that did not have coverage before, but those that had good insurance, are losing benefits.   The quality of healthcare has declined and costs are escalating.   That rolls into part of the chaos.   Obama sent over 3,000 American troops into an Ebola infected Liberia, most will not have total protective gear.  Does that make sense?   Obama does not want to quarantine medical workers returning from Africa.   Does that make sense?   Then there is the infamous immigration issue, we have loose borders, at a time we need the greatest restrictions and control of what comes in, especially with disease.   Does Obama want infectious diseases to spread throughout our nation?   Think about it, that is one aspect of 3rd world countries, disease.

Chaos has moved to the streets, just look at Ferguson.   Looting and vandalism, and riots, our neighborhoods are beginning to look like those in Somalia.   Law and order is on the decline………….3rd world.

Barack Obama is out of control.  That is the definition of a 3rd world country, one that is out of control.   Our Congress is meaningless, they do nothing; their greatest responsibility is a checks and balance that includes the President of the United States.   Our Congress has allowed Obama to take as much power as he wishes.    We don’t have a president, we have a tyrant.

We the People are ultimately responsible.   What are we going to do about it?   Don’t say nothing………there is nothing we can do, because there is.   We start by voting……..and not the same morons we repeatedly re-elect.   Then Obama must be held accountable.









Jeb Bush, stay home.   We don’t need the Bush family extending their dynasty in the White House.   That’s just my opinion!  Jeb wasn’t that impressive as Governor of  Florida, I doubt he will be impressive as president.  He has been mentioned as a possible candidate in 2016, and now according to his son George P. Bush, Jeb is likely to give it a run for president.

Does Jeb Bush bring anything new, anything fresh to the table?   Whats his message, he says very little?   I believe another Bush brings the same old stuff.   The Bush family are professional politicians, therefore it will be just more of the same.

Jeb Bush would be an improvement of what currently resides in the White House, nearly anyone would, except for Hillary Clinton.

Personally I like Trey Gowdy, he is real, tell it like it is; not what he thinks we want to hear.   We don’t need another Bush or Clinton in the top seat.

OBAMA, It’s time for a little KISS


ISIS are the initials we are all quite familiar.  Whether or not we have come into direct contact with any member of this terrorist organization, who claim to be fighting for a peaceful religion, we are aware of their presence.   Their destructive activity and hate based character certainly gets them the attention they seek.  Inflicting fear upon their enemy, anyone non-Muslim/Islamic is their greatest weapon.   ISIS, ISIL, SL, EL, HELL or whatever they want to go by now and in the future; our leaders, if we have any, can deal with them with one simple philosophy, KISS or KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.

KISS, what does that really mean you may ask?   KISS is synonymous with “common sense”.   This is a great philosophy or attitude because it works.    KISS is not a Democrat, Republican,  Independent or Libertarian; it could be from the “Lets Just Get’er Done Party”.   That would be simple enough wouldn’t it?   I understand what you may be thinking; our worldwide issues are complex.   How has complex solutions combating complex problems worked for you/us?

Obama, no I still can’t address him as president, you see the word “president” is synonymous with “leader”; is not interested in simplistic solutions; chaos and complexity are part of his makeup.  If Obama really wanted to destroy the threat of ISIS or any terrorist group, he would be following the direction of our military leaders.    If I were president, I would meet with the military brass, instruct them to put a strategic plan together to defeat ISIS as quickly and definitively as possible.  Call me on the Red line or come by the Oval Office, lets chat for a moment, then GO DO IT!   KISS!

KISS will not happen under Obama, but this would be a great method of thinking for our next presidential hopeful.   KISS would be a great philosophy for all leaders and future leadership.  KISS is not limited to war or fighting terrorists.   KISS would most definitely be effective for immigration, the economy, jobs, debt… name it.   Oh, by the way, KISS doesn’t worry about political correctness, it gets it right, gets it done.

We are where we are because or leaders present and past have muddied everything; made things worse by coming up with complex solutions with policies and programs that do not work.   It really doesn’t have to be that way.   It won’t change either if we keep voting in professional lifetime politicians who get rich keeping it chaotic and complicated.   We need leaders that have common sense, that know how to KISS, not kiss ass!

You probably think this is too easy, too simplistic, not even possible and vague.   It’s worth a try, nothing else is working.  KISS could be a political movement of its own.  It might be time for a little KISS.