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Slick Willie Clinton: I didn’t do it!

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Clinton claims he only flew with Jeffrey Epstein 4 times, with the Secret Service present and never to the sex island (BS).  YES HE DID!  Flight logs contradict that lie.   We’ve heard this before.  Clinton “I didn’t not have sex with that woman.”    He is indirectly saying “I did not have sex with those little girls.”

Rumor has had it that Hillary has been involved with sex trafficking.   This would not be of any surprise, considering the criminal past of Bill and Hillary dating way back to Arkansas.   Mena, Arkansas!

Bill Clinton Rode On The ‘Lolita Express’ At Least 26 Times


Nancy Pelosi’s daughter…… does she know so much on the Epstein sex trafficking? (Momma told me not to tell!)

Bill and HILLARY come to mind.   Everyone in Washington knows Bill went to the sex island with Epstein many times.    Its also been rumored Hillary was in to Satanic young girl sex.   The opportunity certainly seems to make this rumor possible.    1 + 1 still equals 2.

Obama’s cages

This excerpt is from the article linked below.

“What’s disgusting about all of this is that it’s phony. What’s taking place at the U.S.-Mexico border, largely, has been going on for years. It happened during the Obama administration as well, but these hypocrite Democrats weren’t about to protest then because…Obama.

In fact, as Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas admitted recently, the situation during Obama’s administration was intentionally downplayed and kept quiet (thanks to a largely compliant Pravda media), even though some kids were literally being kept in cages while others were handed over to criminal human traffickers.”

Obama’s DHS Chief Drops BOMB On DEMS When He Leaks SECRET About Migrant “Cages”


Two Democratic Presidential Candidates Support Nike In Pulling Sneakers With American Flag — JONATHAN TURLEY

Many of us were appalled by the decision of Nike to pull sneakers displaying the Betsy Ross flag after former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick declared the flag to be offensive. As I discussed in my column, the decision shows an effort not just to protest the flag or anthem but to deter others who would…

via Two Democratic Presidential Candidates Support Nike In Pulling Sneakers With American Flag — JONATHAN TURLEY

Amazing how these two Socialists living under the Democratic banner have very little knowledge of our nation’s history.   Proof our education system, assisted by government did one thing really well “dumbing down” our youth.

Hillary’s State Dept. LOST $6 Billion (that’s 6,000,000,000.00)

There is also a rumor about that this witch has support of some democrats to run for President once again.  See the above link regarding the $6 Billion lost at the State Dept. while under her watch.   $ for contracts……. She should have to answer lots of questions on this, or maybe there are some answers hidden in all those LOST E-MAILS.

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