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Obama is proving he is bigger than Congress.  Why are so many of them afraid of the skinny ass twerp?   They could stand up to him, but they don’t.    You are either against something or you are for it.   You are either with someone or you are not.   Congress has done nothing to indicate they are for We the People, so they must be against us…..they are not against Obama, or they would stop his foolishness.

Tonight, Obama will announce his immigration package; but it will not be aired on the major networks.   You can bet, when the announcement comes on the Grand Jury decision in Missouri, all the networks will be in full coverage if all hell breaks loose as the media has waited by in anticipation and hope. 

It’s a bit puzzling……….sort of, Obama loves chaos, you would think he would want HIS DECISION on immigration going national; or maybe some of the powers that be are afraid of what will turn out on the streets after the Obama announcement.  




It’s difficult to nearly impossible to receive any solid information from public servants, the powers that be in Missouri these days.  Nobody wants to commit or make any announcement when the announcement will take place.   The pre-announcement is important, if not anticipated as the protesters demanded a 48 hour notice on the long expected Grand Jury Decision (known as the “Decision”).   If it is one thing we have learned,  our elected officials in the grand  scheme of things here in the “Show Me State” will negotiate with terrorists……..especially St. Louis mayor SLAY!

Word on the street in the County Seat of Clayton is  the Grand Jury has completed their duties.   Rumor on those same streets is the “Announcement” may come as early as tomorrow/Friday.   That’s plenty of time for the protesters, potential rioters to line up.

The “Show Me State” St. Louis sector is about to go back on the national stage.  This show has been hyped greater than any violent movie advertised out of Hollywood.

Hopefully this stays G rated for family viewing.

WE THE PEOPLE and then there is everyone else!!!

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This is not from the Democratic Party (obviously), it’s not from the Republican, Libertarian, Independent or Tea Party.   We are Americans who are sick and tired of the direction people from these parties we trusted and elected have led us.   Saying the right things,  doing nothing and pretending to listen to us to get yourself elected, then acting in your own best interest is no longer acceptable.   You do not act upon the direction of and will of the people.   If we say jump, you better ask how high, but you don’t.

Republican leaders are putting up a false front…..they will do little to stop Obama from his out of control destructive agenda.   Immigration, the borders……you all defy the will of the people.   Elitist, wealthy, we’ve got ours politicians, have driven this country into the sewers.

American middle class and poor (I refuse to use your classification of all those you consider below you as the lower class) must take control of our country.   It begins in the living rooms and kitchen tables across America, we must become more involved.   We must replace those currently in power with commonsense, practical, sincere and HONEST men and women, black, white, Native American and any other legal citizens.

The more we have taken God out of our lives and the life of this country the worse things have gotten.   We need the Pledge of Allegiance back in our schools and the History of Islam and its false religion kept out.  We need “In God We Trust” to remain and the Triangle of the Illuminati removed from the U.S. Dollar.   We must give our all out support to military men and women, and first responders, they are our real heroes, we need them.

We need the executive power stripped from the man who occupies our White House while he finishes his lame term.   Duct Tape Biden’s mouth and place him in a sand box to play all day.   Then, for starters DO NOT ELECT HILLARY CLINTON for anything.   She failed miserably as Secretary of State.   Maybe Hillary could spend her time writing a better book.  How about The Trials and Tribulations of Bill and Hillary!

If the flag and this blog/article offends you……Tuff!

If you agree with the concept, you don’t have to agree with everything I have said, I don’t expect that………REBLOG.




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I have read the target list the Michael Brown protesters,  agitators made public.   I realize that intimidation is a tactic often used by terrorists groups.  That is what they are becoming or have become.  Maybe they can still determine that by how they present themselves in the coming days.   I don’t have confidence they will show much dignity however, and apparently neither does our Governor.

Protesters stated weeks ago if Darren Wilson was not arrested, rioting and looting to follow would be unlike anything seen in St. Louis, without any regards to the officer’s innocence or guilt.  Recently, the protesters have stated “looting and violence can not be ruled out; that violence and looting is a tool for those without a voice.”  So, that being said these disturbance agitators can be labeled as riot organizers.  Protesting is one thing, anything beyond that with the “tools” they intend to use is rioting and criminal.  Governor Nixon took their word for it, he doesn’t trust them…..and it is life and property he must protect,  therefore he activated the National Guard.  The organized agitators accuse the Governor of starting a war, with the show of that nasty word militarization.   Really, what they want is a free gallop through the streets, looting, burning without interference.  That shows the mentality of what we are dealing with.

Targeting companies, most of which are outside of Ferguson and have absolutely nothing to do with Michael Brown’ s death; is to prove what?   Included on that list are hospitals, children’s hospitals as well.   Targeting these establishments and institutions, especially where people are being cared for, with the threat of violence, that most certainly will start a war.   Law enforcement and Guard members will be the least of the rioters concern.  There is a population out there that will not put up with that and just stand by.

Once again, those stirring the pot over the flame are racial agitators from outside Ferguson, some from out-of-state.   Their interest is to create further division between the races, to start a war.   We are very close to having just that.  There may be some short-term benefits that come out of this, but the long-term, nothing good will come from violence in our communities.  This is no longer about Ferguson, all this for a scapegoat and vengeance.

Obamacare, Affordable Care Act……BANG!


I admit, I don’t know as much about Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act as I should, but I know this, it is a freaking LIE.

Anytime the government initiates a program they tell you is in your best interests or is in your favor,  IT IS A LIE.

Our first clue this wasn’t a good thing was its nickname: OBAMACARE.  Nothing about Obama is what he and his administration leads us to believe.  Nothing!

Affordable Care Act……..we knew from the beginning this would create higher premiums, higher cost for treatment, tests for those that had and were somewhat happy with the insurance plans they have/had.  Affordable for who?  Even those without, that had to purchase under Obamacare are now paying something or are supposedly fined.  That is money out of their pocket, when they may have gotten free treatment before.    Unless I am missing something here….how is it affordable to those without income?

Maybe healthcare wasn’t as broken as we thought.   I continue to pay more, receive less coverage.   The increases in premiums are greater than increases in salary.   Affordable for who?   Clare McCaskill can you answer that honestly.   I won’t ask Pelosi……and Obama doesn’t give a ……………….