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Obama did little to nothing while in office, except create a major headache with Obamacare; now claims credit for all the good happening under Trump’s administration.    And all you libs out there think with Trump it’s all about Trump.   No one that has ever been in the White House used the pronoun “I” more than Obama.

Shell Oil president contradicts Obama’s claim for the oil boom; “No he didn’t!”

Obama was/is about destroying, Trump about building.  It is what they have always done.

Tijuana Health Dept. – Caravan carrying disease. “Coming to America!”

Tijuana Health Dept:  Migrants being treated for Tuberculosis, chicken pox, HIV and lice. 1/3 of migrants are being treated for health issues.

MS-13 gang member arrested by Border Patrol said he was part of the caravan.

DHS:  600 gang members and criminals infiltrated in the caravan.

Sounds like tear gas isn’t their biggest problem.

Testify before Congress – just plead the 5th

Getting prosecuted for lying to Congress, depends on WHO you are.  Why take the chance, do as liberal Dems do, plead the 5th.   Unless you are testifying against Trump, you likely won’t be charged for perjury.   We’ve seen this time after time.

Plead the 5th to avoid a trap.

It now appears that the crimes Mueller is chasing are crimes his investigation created.   Lying, only lying.  What color shirt did you wear yesterday, answer “Blue”.   No…..wrong answer you wore “Red”.  You are now being charged for lying to Congress or “Special Counsel” (very special).  That is your crime.

Clinton and Obama run free, they apparently exemption to lying.

Big freaking deal, a real estate proposal that was “REJECTED” between Trump and Moscow (prior to 2016 election).  This is what Cohen lied about?  BIG DEAL.  Hey, but they got another lying guilty plea.

Mueller, simply looking for a trail to get Trump.   All roads turn somewhere else.

Uranium to Russia, during Obama/Hillary administration………no harm here.

The only connection between Trump and Russia……..a rejected real estate proposal (prior to election).  BIG FREAKING DEAL!

Bill & Hillary with their dirty hands in Haiti

The Clinton Cartel, CRIME CARTEL!

This has nothing to do with the above article, but, it is my understanding the speaking tour Bill and Hillary were about to begin has been cancelled due to poor ticket sales.   They can’t fill-up a two-seat out-house let alone a gym or arena.  Maybe they can speak to inmates in a prison cafeteria.