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Scam Watch: Grandparent scams — WPMT FOX43

YORK COUNTY, Pa.– Preying on the elderly is a form of scamming that is being utilized more and more today. These scams may involve trying to confuse an elderly person by either distraction or misrepresentation. Today on FOX43 Morning News, Mary Bach from AARP is stopping by to offer more on tech support scams.

via Scam Watch: Grandparent scams — WPMT FOX43


Definition of transparent: Action, method, or procedure that lacks hidden agendas and conditions, and complies with the disclosure requirements of transparency …  Saying what one thinks, feels.

When was the last time we had a truly transparent president?  You have one, but the Democrats and actually most Republicans in DC are anything but transparent and want to shut Trump down.   Everything in Washington is hidden, especially agendas.   Most non-transparent…….Obama.

Trump very transparent……..and Washington can’t handle it!  Washington and especially the libs, want Trump gone, only way to keep him from exposing them!


Claire McCaskill’s greatest interest……..Claire McCaskill

Time for Claire to stay home and take care of her mansion.   Claire does not represent the interests of Missourians, Claire represents Claire.   If you are not from Missouri, and don’t recognize the name with the face; Claire is the one that followed Barack Obama around like a puppy dog, marveled over Obama.   Claire will do anything to stay in the party elite!


Democratic Party + Republican Party, throw in the Independents and Socialists, what does that equal in Washington:  A party, a good time by all at tax payer’s expense.   All the bickering, finger pointing, name calling and threats are part of the game, its ALL fake.   They all have a role to play, these play actors we elected.

Liars before Congress, slide by unpunished.   You and I, we’d be locked up, or at least our lives made miserable.   Lets impeach this guy, lets force this one to resign, but we’ll give him a nice send off, a buy out, with once again…… payer’s money.  What are they going to do, those suckers that elected us?   NOTHING!

I am convinced some government officials, know they are going to be hit on………their purpose?  To be scapegoats!   You may want to rephrase that to escapegoats.  We, the establishment in D. C. will take good care of those that take the axe for us.   They’ll force some of their own out, with a wink of the eye; and your checks in the mail.

Here is what we really have:  A fake media, investigating and reporting on a fake government.

Will this country be able to rebuild (grow) from its own ashes?