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One:   Old school baseball, the way it was once played and should be played (in my opinion) is gone.   The St. Louis Cardinal manager last evening, with a one run lead in the bottom of the tenth, intentionally walked a batter (with the tying run already at 2nd base) putting the winning run on base with only one out.   I could see it coming, a double, a ball that gets past a diving left fielder, scores the winning run, GAME OVER!   Nice going Mike Matheny.   Old school, you don’t put the potential winning run on base.  Gee, let the pitcher pitch.   Also, you don’t give the pitcher his option.   That is what you are there for, to manage the team!

Two:  Illegal immigrants don’t become separated from their families, if they do not cross over the border illegally!   You want to stay together………stay the hell where you are.  Be the difference in making your country better!   Try being a solution, rather than someone else’s problem!



When was the last time our government did anything you applauded?  It has been this way for a long time, they no longer work for you, they only take.     Don’t say Obamacare……not for the majority of us anyway.    They create a program, tell you it’s in your best interest, but only benefits a few, very few.   Deceit, is expensive and the middle class always pays the highest price and receives nothing in return.  Insurance benefits?   It isn’t a benefit, it is a service most of us pay for; more and more and get less and less.

Corruption runs amuck at every governmental level.   The political establishment in Washington is a Brother and Sisterhood, a Washington Crime Syndicate (Clinton Crime Syndicate) they protect each other and it makes no difference what side of the aisle you sit.    They all have so much on each other, corruption runs like a wild river with no end.   In Washington, it is second nature to have something or know something on all; so the corruption circle jerk spins on and on.   How the Hell do you think the Clinton’s survive their daily behavior.   Chelsea, didn’t fall from the tree as we now know as well.   Obama, oh my God yes Obama, the head master, but his corruption is unmatched with the Clinton’s; Hillary in particular.  Hillary wrote The Book on Corruption.  She runs on cold blood.  AG Lynch, takes her orders from Obama, but she took an oath to uphold the constitution as well; and she has not!   The White House, the State Department, DOJ and the DNC, all corrupt and yes the Republican’s standby and watch ………….do nothing.   The FBI Director?    I venture to say this is not his first cover-up.

Hillary was the chosen one, she’ll do as the master bosses say (Rothschild and Illuminati and Soros).   She is The Puppet!   They’ll feed her with wealth, and she’ll do as they say because she has no choice.   She was bought long ago, there is no going back for Hillary; even if she wanted and she doesn’t.   She loves where she is, corrupt and sick, but wealthy with a Title.   She does not represent us and she never will; she works for herself and those that feed her.   This is how a monster is created and survives.

With all the corruption, and a government that is no longer for or of the people; they are pushing us, intentionally pushing us towards further unrest.   They are pushing us to revolution.  Listen to your Founding Fathers!

Iran gets $400 Million for Prisoner Exchange? — Praying Citizen

The details came out this week of President Obama’s secret airlift of $400 million in cash to Iran. It coincided with the release of four Americans who had been detained by that country. It was the first installment of a $1.7 billion settlement between the Obama administration and Iran for a failed arms deal that dates […]

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That seems to be the strategy for the Cubs.   Beat, the Cardinals by taking their players.   However, when you are a free agent, you don’t belong to anyone.   The Cardinals lost in the reverse bidding war.   Cards and Nationals offered more overall money.   Cubs management convinced Heyward he’d win a championship in a baby bear’s uniform and maybe he does.   They actually made the playoffs as a wildcard team last year, beat the Cardinals to advance, only to be whipped by the Mets.  Past Cub players have heard this song and dance before, “This is our Year”.

The people of Chicago (all those living and most that have passed) have never experienced their beloved Cubs win a World Series.  So, is 2016 “the Cub’s Year”?   Maybe, maybe not, you don’t win on paper, you win on the field.

Too many Cardinal fans are fretting this morning.   Why?   We’ve lost players, great players before.    One player leaves, it presents an opportunity for another, “Next man up”.   St. Louis you know this phrase.   It is in the veins of the Cardinals organization.

Heyward was not Albert.   We lost Albert, we returned the next season to the playoffs.   Jason Heyward is a terrific player.   A great defensive player.   He hit .293, a weak .293.   He is a capable homerun hitter, but not a slugger.   He might hit 20 HRs in Wrigley.   Might!  This past season for St. Louis, Heyward had 60 RBIs.    From a right fielder, you need more production than that.   Heyward struggled with men on base.   In fairness lots of Cardinals did in 2015.

The upside, the Cardinals now have 2 spots for their young TALENTED, outfielders.  Enter  Stephen Piscotty and Randal Grichuk, who we got good long looks.    Look at the numbers:

Games   AB     Runs  Hits    Hr  RBI     BA

Heyward     154       547     79     160    13    60     .293

Piscotty              63       233   29       71       7     39        .305

Grichuk             103    323     49      89      17     47      .276

Piscotty and Grichuk’s  PRODUCTION numbers are better on average.    Give these guys the same number at bats as Heyward, they smash his production totals.   Also, their defense and base-running skills are nothing to sneeze at.

Many teams would panic if they lost a player such as Heyward.   The Cardinals have youth to replace him with, talented youth.   They may yet this winter add another outfielder/bat, Piscotty is more than capable of playing 1st.   If the outfield ends up being  Holliday in Left, Grichuk in center and Piscotty in right, they have a fourth in Tommy Pham and Moss.   Matt Adams would have 1st base, with Moss and Piscotty to fill in if needed.

The future is still bright for St. Louis.   The Cubs will still have to deal with the Cardinals.   Cubs will start the year as media favorites, but the Cards, as Joe Buck once called it……..”They just won’t go away.”   The rivalry just got a little warmer.

Cardinal fans, look at the numbers from last year…..this could turn out to be a blessing.