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“I want Cuban mechanics maintaining my cars!!”



I am not an expert on the economy or trade, imports or exports.   I am an international banker, so I realize there is a tremendous amount of business out there.

I am an American that takes pride in “Made in America”.   We make cars here, okay, that’s not enough.   I know there are many products being made here, but many items that no longer are.  Maybe American owned companies that moved to and operates from another country to lower labor cost and taxes are still manufacturing that shirt I once wore and may still, but with a made in Mexico tag.

The only balance of trade  is an imbalance.   Go in your closet, pull out your clothes and look at the tags, 90 to 95% have foreign tags.   I pulled a shirt from Honduras, Sri Lanka, Italy, China, Mexico and a sweater from the U.S.A.   Guess what folks, that sweater was as well made as any piece of clothing in my closet, if not better.   None of those shirts had a style that said Italy, or China…….oh they’re made to look American to sell to Americans.

We lost too many manufacturing companies to other countries.   I agree with Obama (don’t go into shock) on one thing companies must stay here to produce here.  That is an obvious conclusion.  The key, keeping them here providing good fair wages, lower taxes while producing a quality product.  There is an export business, but most foreign nations are poor.   Our companies need to produce here and sell here.   Trade will continue to be imbalanced as long as countries like China and Japan are taking up most of the space on our shelves.   You go into a Hobby Lobby, go around the store and find something made in the USA, good luck.   The items on those shelves are overwhelmed by products with Made in China stamped on them.   It is ridiculous.

I want to purchase goods made in America, by Americans.  It isn’t easy, but it should be.   Foreign companies sent their products here years ago and under priced American made products.   Soon, those companies could not compete.   Now, those foreign shirts and pants you buy aren’t so cheap.   Pricing inched up because they could.

Trade agreements?   Politicians are the absolute last people who should be negotiating trade agreements.   They give away the store at our expense.  They just want to make friends, keep them real happy……..peace!  Think about it, politicians give out entitlements free of charge, with the welfare programs…….what do you think they do abroad, when no one is looking.   They give China all the space to fill the shelves with their products in our stores.

Our own government created this trade imbalance which created  loss of manufacturing, loss of jobs, and eventually a lower standard of living.   Now, they want you to believe (Obama and the government) they want to fix it.   Obama points the finger at us, we can do it!   Well, as we have seen from the past we giveth and the government taketh away!

I want to be able to buy American, for whatever it is I desire!  I don’t want a Japanese family here on vacation buying a Hillbilly pipe as a souvenir in Branson, Missouri that says Made in China.



National mainstream news chose not to air the protest of a Muslim event in Garland, Texas.   Local news around Garland aired the story, but unless you hear the word over the internet from organizations such as Breitbart, Obama’s nationwide “folks” won’t receive information on current events.  That is truly a shame, when Islam has made its presence and intention’s so clear to us, we should all be interested in what they are up to, especially here at home.

It appears Americans are becoming uncomfortable with Islam and are beginning to express their feelings openly, banning together.

Click on the link below for the story and videos on the protest in Garland, Texas.


He gave you Obamacare, do you trust and believe him on ObamaEd?

I am not a genius, but please believe and trust me when I say “Nothing is free” not freedom of speech and certainly not a two-year college degree.  I will not go into an explanation of that conclusion, I unlike Obama and his administration believe American voters are in fact “smart enough to know better”.

Is Obama once again setting the wheels in motion to sell another social program with false structure, counting on the “stupidity of the American voter” to accept it, like we did Obamacare?   The concept is great, we can all go to school, and its free to us if we maintain a C+ average.  There is a lie right there “we can all go”, no, from what I have heard this would be available to approximately 9 million; LOL and most probably would be immigrants.  Oh, there is some truth, free to immigrants!

I could afford and did go to a community college the first two years of my college education.   I earned an Associate of Arts Degree prior to earning a Bachelor of Arts degree at a state university. Many of us did.  That is about as close to going to college at a similar cost of an elementary and high school education.   Public, required education is not free, your taxes pay for it in addition to tuition and books.  I’m not talking to you the voter, I am talking to Obama, I promised I would not insult your intelligence.   Is Obama trying to recreate the wheel here?   We already have community colleges, state/federal funding (all from We the People).   What we don’t need is another program, especially education revamped into another Federally controlled system like Obamacare.

This is how a socialist thinks; tax the people, tax them some more, then tell them they will receive a benefit or entitlement to a program such as a free education, and then boast that they, the government have given the people something.   Gee, a gift from the government and your King!  Aren’t we the fortunate ones.

Here is an interesting thought, Obama comes up with yet this new program, for all of us to reap the benefits, knowing it won’t work the way he says and is filled with lies.   Then when controversy and congressional ping-pong debate occurs, Obama can point the finger at someone else.  “See what I am doing for you, what I have created for you but Congress rejects.”   Obama is creating more division, more issues for us to be busy with while he makes his executive orders in other directions.    We’ve seen this garbage before……it just seems to keep getting bigger.   Beware of the beast that temps you with a prize.  Its the false hope and change we’ve been promised!  We will pay for it.




How do we explain the difference between the two to our children?   Is there a difference?   One wants to destroy all Americans that are not Muslim.   The other is for total white supremacy; they have killed often to make a point, send a message.   How is that different from the Islamic terrorists?  One has been known to hang people, the other behead.

I have three grandchildren.  If they were to ask me about such photos, I can’t tell them they are grown men dressing for Halloween!  My only answer could be; they are not men but humans that grew up only to hate, do evil and hide it all behind a hood, like a thief.


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Trey Gowdy seems to have a pretty good picture of what is going on with Obama.  Trey Gowdy is not a follower….just going along with the crowd.   We need him to take a greater leadership role.   We need someone that will challenge Obama and the left, along with Republicans that really don’t seem to have gotten the November message.    John Boehner needs the boot as Speaker.

Hopefully, 2015 will be a year of change, no Obama’s definition of change.





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For American’s it is a career and honor serving our nation with pride; to illegal aliens it is just a job.

You do not remove Americans from serving in our military to make room for aliens as a gift of amnesty.  That is punishing Americans for their sacrifice hard work and service and rewarding immigrants that have contributed nothing.

Yeah that’s an Obama thing…… This makes no sense!