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The caption above from Breitbart by Susan Berry Aug. 14, 2014

Islam is like a cancer, it spreads and destroys.  There is preventable treatment, close the borders to Muslims.  This cancer can be destroyed by removing the cells.  The Archbishop is telling us what we need to do, he is all but spelling it out.  We are sleeping with our greatest enemy.

It’s a pretty big task to take on in order to survive, fighting a relentless cancer, a government hell-bent on being politically correct with a twisted agenda and a nation that is slow to rise from its coma.  Will we wake up in time to save our country?

Don’t count on your government, “YOU’LL NOT FIND LEADERS THERE”.






The majority of funding  to the United Nations does and always has come from the United States.   Why?  Good question.  Our government is a sucker for pissing our money away.

For the most part, the U.N. has done little for world peace or stablizing the world economy; they aren’t even a good Red Cross organization.

U.N. forces can stay out of the U.S., their only purpose here is to go against our citizens, because a tyrant like Obama can not and should not count on the U.S. military  moving against their own.

Stay the hell out of the U.S., we’ll keep the stock piles of vehicles you have, we paid for most anyway, our military and police forces can use them. :).

This may be a very vague blog, just wanting to make a point.   We have no need for the presence of the U.N. in our country.  Screw the U.N.!





Obama did tonight, out of desperation, what he needed to do to  keep from getting deported.   He is illegal, and we know it.   We had an illegal president break the law, one he swore to uphold, the Constitution.

As far as the content of his speech/announcement, when was the last time things turned out the way Obama said they would.   When has he ever really meant what came from his mouth.  Obama is an habitual liar.

The legal immigrants, came here the right way, the lawful way, not the Obama way.




Obama is proving he is bigger than Congress.  Why are so many of them afraid of the skinny ass twerp?   They could stand up to him, but they don’t.    You are either against something or you are for it.   You are either with someone or you are not.   Congress has done nothing to indicate they are for We the People, so they must be against us…..they are not against Obama, or they would stop his foolishness.

Tonight, Obama will announce his immigration package; but it will not be aired on the major networks.   You can bet, when the announcement comes on the Grand Jury decision in Missouri, all the networks will be in full coverage if all hell breaks loose as the media has waited by in anticipation and hope. 

It’s a bit puzzling……….sort of, Obama loves chaos, you would think he would want HIS DECISION on immigration going national; or maybe some of the powers that be are afraid of what will turn out on the streets after the Obama announcement.  


WE THE PEOPLE and then there is everyone else!!!

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This is not from the Democratic Party (obviously), it’s not from the Republican, Libertarian, Independent or Tea Party.   We are Americans who are sick and tired of the direction people from these parties we trusted and elected have led us.   Saying the right things,  doing nothing and pretending to listen to us to get yourself elected, then acting in your own best interest is no longer acceptable.   You do not act upon the direction of and will of the people.   If we say jump, you better ask how high, but you don’t.

Republican leaders are putting up a false front…..they will do little to stop Obama from his out of control destructive agenda.   Immigration, the borders……you all defy the will of the people.   Elitist, wealthy, we’ve got ours politicians, have driven this country into the sewers.

American middle class and poor (I refuse to use your classification of all those you consider below you as the lower class) must take control of our country.   It begins in the living rooms and kitchen tables across America, we must become more involved.   We must replace those currently in power with commonsense, practical, sincere and HONEST men and women, black, white, Native American and any other legal citizens.

The more we have taken God out of our lives and the life of this country the worse things have gotten.   We need the Pledge of Allegiance back in our schools and the History of Islam and its false religion kept out.  We need “In God We Trust” to remain and the Triangle of the Illuminati removed from the U.S. Dollar.   We must give our all out support to military men and women, and first responders, they are our real heroes, we need them.

We need the executive power stripped from the man who occupies our White House while he finishes his lame term.   Duct Tape Biden’s mouth and place him in a sand box to play all day.   Then, for starters DO NOT ELECT HILLARY CLINTON for anything.   She failed miserably as Secretary of State.   Maybe Hillary could spend her time writing a better book.  How about The Trials and Tribulations of Bill and Hillary!

If the flag and this blog/article offends you……Tuff!

If you agree with the concept, you don’t have to agree with everything I have said, I don’t expect that………REBLOG.




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This is your President of the United States, aren’t you proud?  Notice the poster in the back.    What’s he on, what is he smoking while making those Executive Orders?

Obama is about to unleash the fury, his fury.   The Lame-Duck, lame Obama will ignore Congress as if it doesn’t exist.  Executive Orders are about to flow; and possibly the biggest against the message sent by voters on Tuesday – amnesty to illegal immigrants.   Green cards and work permits will be included in his day of forgiveness.   Healthcare, education, food stamps and etc., etc., etc. will be available and all at our expense.   Obama may be too arrogant (remember he is narcissistic) to realize his policies lost the Senate majority and seats in the House.   The American voters sent a message not only to the rest of Congress but to Obama; “We don’t accept your policies and agenda and we are doing something about it.”   Obama does not care what We the People think; but Congress better start getting the message.

Democrats you lost because he was your man, he campaigned and ran as a Democrat.  You supported him in your Democratic National Conventions (twice).   You have stood beside him, through all the indecision, the unconstitutional executive orders, through his negligence in Benghazi, his non-strategic military plans, etc., etc., etc.  and you did nothing.     Let me give you a tip……in 2016 “IT AIN’T HILLARY CLINTON”.   Remember Obama and Hillary were partners…..   His Secretary of State, Benghazi crime accomplice.     Hillary Clinton would be Barack H. Obama all over again.   Learn from your mistakes.    Einstein’s definition of insanity “Repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.   We the People need to remember that on future election days as well.