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I’m not trying to be funny, this isn’t funny.

I can not believe I missed this quote September 17, 2014 by Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois “A comprehensive amnesty bill would have helped America contain the Ebola epidemic in Africa.   And secondly, that doctors in the United States would be able to serve in these crisis situations overseas without jeopardizing their immigration status.”    Durbin is the co-author (one of eight) of an immigration bill that would allow the above provision regarding U.S. immigrant doctors.  This bill passed in the Senate, but has not made it through the House of Representatives.

This is a prime example of the type of crap our government comes up with and tries to sell, not only among themselves but to the American public.  The fact that we have absolute idiots running our government is the reason our country is in such a  mess (obviously you already know that).   Immigration reform that includes “amnesty’ is not about “containment”, amnesty is about releasing back into civilian life, a pardon, overlooking something as if it never happened.

Either Dick Durbin knows he can only sell this bill by lying about it or he is just plain dumb enough to believe it or both.   I’m not sure he is smart enough to know he has to sell it by lying……  I would bet he really believes an amnesty bill would help contain Ebola.   It seems Ebola has infected the brains of our government, long ago.  How have they survived?   How do we keep allowing elected officials with no common sense continue to survive?

People like Dick Durbin and an endless cast of characters are ruining this country, they’ll get no benefit of the doubt, no respect anymore regardless of the office they hold; they have none for us.  Enough is enough, the gloves are off…..this is our country, hold nothing back.  Criticizing with name calling may sound juvenile; but when “idiots” is the type of word used to describe what we have before us, it is what it is.



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Those few words speak volumes.   As Obama would tell you, America is better off now under his administration than before he took office.  If you say something often enough you can convince yourself that which is untrue to be true.   Those that have to listen to his or that kind of crap, the American people, won’t buy it, with the exception of Obama followers.

How is it we are better off now that Ebola has made its way into United States.   How are we better off under Obamacare, maybe a few are, most are not.   My health coverage during Obama pays less and costs me more.  Again he, the big fraud of a president will try to convince us we have better healthcare because of him.  Not so, it’s part of the destruction of America Obama Blueprint.

The military has been sliced down with some of its top  officers given pink slips, while chaos is at an all-time world high.  Do you feel safer under Obama?  But he says we’re better off.   Border control is out-of-control, so are we better off?  How?

Benghazi, would you want to be a diplomat or a security agent in a foreign country under this president with the kind of non-support you’ll receive?  But they’d be better off under Obama, right.

I guess Obama’s presidency really is a success for him if you measure success according to his agenda, destruction and tearing down America to a third world country.  Unless we wake up, remove him (and Biden) from office that is exactly where we are headed.

Are you  better off?






Many bloggers are throwing the name Trey Gowdy around for a possible replacement of Eric Holder for Attorney General.   While I believe he would be an outstanding choice, Obama doesn’t make outstanding decisions.  Even though I doubt Obama cares what his fellow democrats think, I don’t see him making this appointment; it could possibly backfire on the POTUS.

Trey Gowdy is a conservative Congressman from the 4th District of South Carolina.  Rep. Gowdy strongly believes in accountability and limited government while upholding the constitution.  Trey Gowdy represents everything Barack Obama does not.  The former southern prosecutor would take his position as AG seriously; he would not be in Obama’s pocket.  Gowdy would hold all accountable, including and especially the president.   Besides, heat is already coming from Gowdy on Obama and Hillary Clinton as Chairman of the House Select Committee on the Benghazi Attack of 2012.   Obama is not going to put himself in an uncomfortable position, unless he really wants his enemies closer.  On the other hand, would Obama take a chance, appoint Gowdy as AG to get him off the Select Committee?   Interesting thought?   Would the good congressman even accept the appointment?   I would bet ……….no.

What I would really enjoy seeing is Trey Gowdy debating Hillary Clinton.   Yes, the same Hillary Clinton that was Secretary of State during the Benghazi attack; the “what difference does it make” Hillary Clinton.  Maybe Trey would rather be the commentator of such a debate, asking the questions?   I am sure he has a few questions for the I am resigning, I am out of here (to be fair, my words not hers) former Secretary of State.

Side point:  Why does it seem that so many of Obama’s appointees quit when there is heat on them?  Could it be because there is smoke and where there is smoke……….well you know.

Our nation is searching for someone to trust, with principles, morals, integrity, loyalty to “our” country, a common sense patriot, most of all a leader.   I would like to see this southern gentlemen challenge the other Republicans in 2016 as a presidential candidate.  Lets see how he matches up, personally I believe he would do quite well.  He is definitely intelligent and won’t back down.  I know he is the last person Hillary wants to deal with.

To learn more about Rep. Trey Gowdy check out the links below.  I’d like to hear your thoughts?




Muslims, not just any Muslim but those involved in terrorist activity would be concerned with bomb sniffing dogs.   Why would you give in to a demand against your own security, the security of your nation?  I guess we will see if the demand is placed on the U.S.   Will I would have one simple response.   Go to HELL!   This type of political correctness is ridiculous.  The citizens of the U.K. should be outraged!

Muslim terrorists can claim anything to be unclean.   Why would we even listen to them.  Why is the U.K.?   It isn’t just about Muslims!

Muslims, peaceful Muslims, if there is such a being, aren’t helping themselves.   Religious, if it really is a religion (not sure anymore) prejudice, hate grows not just from misunderstanding but from what is seen.

Political correctness must end, it will only destroy.



Obama gave his usual executive order to bomb ISIS in Syria or at least somebody in Syria.  The genius military strategist picks his own targets.  Does he select those targets by throwing darts at a Syrian/Iraqi map?  Does he now have a plan within the no-plan, I don’t know what I am doing admission?   Does Obama frighten anyone other than Americans?   One thought always follows Obama, “There are always more questions than answers.”  Confusion, uncertainty, doubt lingers.

Lets back up for a moment, I just had a thought, another question.  The oil-refineries, just recently bombed in Syria; it was stated or believed that those refineries were a source of income for ISIS.  How does a young, but growing terrorist organization gain control of funds from oil refineries?  Google sites say the refineries are Islamic Terrorists controlled.   How does that happen, so quickly, so easily unless that government supports the terrorists groups?   Your countries greatest financial lifeline, you would think, would be the one asset you protected with all your might.   So, who are we fighting or I should say bombing, BO doesn’t fight, he is a bomber?  Is ISIS and Syria one and the same?  Questions, so many questions.   Does Obama know?  He may, he is close to the Brotherhood.

While Obama has us focused on Syria, he can conveniently avoid other issues, except for his beloved resigning AG, Eric Holder.   He is trying to push-off and remarkably has, the southern U.S. border to seal or not to seal and the unpopular amnesty problem.  Which, he makes our problem, not his.  Obama has no problems, as long as Americans sit quietly as he continues his free will parade, his agenda succeeds.  You see, failure is what inspires this POTUS.  Barack Hussein Obama is the greatest threat to the security and future of this country.  Obama has followed the Saul Alinsky blueprint to destroy the United States from within to perfection.  Destructive perfection!  Alinsky may be the only human being (that’s being nice) Hillary R. Clinton has ever had any pure admiration.  She’s been around longer than Barack, she understands the Alinsky theory.   Birds of a feather flock together.

One great leap we can take to protect this country, is to keep Saul Alinsky’s student, Hillary Clinton, out of our White House.

We need to elect someone of character, not “a character” and one who should by all accounts be in jail.  If we, the average American citizen sitting at home watching TV right now did half what she has, we’d still be locked up.

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immigration borders its our country

We have been at war against terrorist for many years, more officially since 9/11/2001.  Not long ago ISIS, said they would see us in New York.   It is believed that ISIS is present in Texas.   The government reports there is a greater risk that Muslim terrorists are mixing it up in Mexico, preparing to attack us, with our soft open border.   We, our government and Barack Obama are making it easy for them.

If Barack Obama wants to contain or manage ISIS, then protecting  the American people and our homeland must be priority no. 1 on his strategic plan.   (I know the way things are going, his plan is working exactly how the King wants.) When a terrorist group as large and armed like ISIS threatens us and declares war against America, then we are at war.   We don’t have to choose or declare war, but we must defend and destroy the enemy before they inflict damage or destruction upon us, like it or not.  We should then close all our borders and limit who enters, with greater restrictions at the airports and seaports.  Fight them on their ground, it’s a strategy this country has always had during modern time.   Leave it up to our military commanders to use whatever strategy and means are necessary to finish them off, away from our shores.

A soft open border is nuts during this time.  And this may sound racial to some and politically incorrect, but I don’t care, our national security is most vital, keep Middle Easterners out, unless they have strong, well documented credentials (I realize Middle Easterners aren’t the only threat).   Again, restrictions at the border are critical.   Political correctness is destroying this country.

My point here, security of our borders, is our first line of defense, period.

Another, and here is a controversial comment or thought that would get many stirred up, “internment camps”, should they be considered during war against Muslim terrorists?  During World War II, Japanese citizens and Japanese who entered the U.S. were located to such camps (detainment against those possibly loyal to their native land)?  Just a thought!




The government is reminding public schools that they must enroll undocumented (illegal) immigrants, that it is federal law.   Okay, I’ll give them that; however, they want school districts to abide by this law, to follow the law.  The government expects everyone else to abide by the law, but the government is exempt from following the law?  Case in point, it is the law that these same undocumented (I guess that is the politically correct term for illegals today) immigrants are subject to a medical screening process; however, this law is being ignored under the Obama administration.  Gee that is shocking, he is the lawless president!   See below:

Federal law subjects legal immigrants to a medical screening process (and even has health safety rules covering the importation of animals). These rules are not being applied to illegal immigrant children.

The federal government is, largely clandestinely, sending these children (some of whom are adults lying about their age) to various U.S. locations and ordering local school districts to allow them to enroll in the public schools.


The above two paragraphs are from a press release from the National Center.

The vaccinations and the documentation of such we have always been required for enrollment and to keep our kids in school, does not apply to illegal immigrants.    I don’t know how else to say it, this is total Bull Shit.

If immigrants, legal or illegal make it into this country to live as U.S. citizens, they should live by the laws and regulations of city, county, state and federal government.  No exceptions!   We the People who are expected and do live by these laws (most of us anyway) should demand no less or no more for immigrants.

How many epidemics will be caused by ignoring the proper enrollment and health requirements for our public schools?  It is the children we are to protect.   The government only wants to inflict easy answers, easy solutions; just shut up and do as we say!  It is an immigration problem they created by not following our immigration laws and securing our borders.

This should not be acceptable to our school districts.  Do they have the integrity to stand up to the FED and challenge them on this issue?

It isn’t just Obama and his administration that is to blame, our dead ass Congress has no integrity and are lifeless.   Every damn one them should be removed from office.