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Melania Trump last night gave what many of us thought was an authentic and beautifully delivered speech last night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH. Sadly, this morning the headlines are dominated not by Melania’s poised debut on the big stage; rather, they’ve been hijacked by accusations that Melania plagiarized several passages in her […]

via Look who Michelle Obama was CAUGHT plagiarizing DNC speech from… — Everybody Loves Trump


Definition of truth or consequences. : a game in which each participant in turn is asked a question by a leader and if he refuses to answer or answers falsely is punished by a penalty suggested by the leader or the group.

No truth or consequence in government!  Hillary Clinton (the Clinton’s) are proof of that!

How about a little accountability?  No rules of law apply to Hillary Clinton.


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Vetting: to check out, screen possibly even investigate ones back ground.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is said to be “vetting” James G. Stavridis as a Vice Presidential running mate.     Nothing against the former admiral, I know little about him.   It is however, humorous that Hillary Clinton would be vetting anyone.   It seems so hypocritical.   Is Hillary vetting to find  someone as deceitful, crooked, dishonest and criminal as herself?  There was many more adjectives I could have thrown in there, but I’d like to keep this post short and as family friendly as possible.

What qualities and character is Hillary looking for in a VP?   From all that has been said and written, especially from a former Secret Service Agent; he/she better be prepared for verbal and possibly physical abuse.   Can they dodge a tossed lamp?   Can they carry out unethical, possibly worse, orders?   Can you keep secrets and most importantly, do you know where the delete button is on the computer?

This is like screening for positions in a gang by a mob boss.



Bernie said:  “I don’t think you are qualified for President when you receive $13 million from your SuperPacs.”

The liberal media, the Clinton supporters are all up in the air over Sanders’ endorsement  of Hillary Clinton.   It doesn’t matter she has been called out as a liar, to the public anyway, by the FBI director. Its okay!   Lynch isn’t going to indict Clinton….. So according to Sanders no charge no foul!   Suddenly Hillary is Sanders’ hero.  However, Bernie never did concern himself with the emails.   It doesn’t matter to Bernie she placed national security at risk…. Comey said she certainly may have!  “May have” meaning there was a chance, the odds are she did.

But, are we surprised Sanders endorsed Hillary?.  Nope!   We expected it, it was bound to happen. They say they are both Democrats, so its one for the other.   Why then, does the media make this sound like it is earth shattering?   This wasn’t a boost for Hillary, its been assumed for sometime.   Bernie was just hanging around to see if, pray there might be an indictment against Hillary.  Not going to happen, so hell, I’ll just jump on the Hillary bandwagon now.  No integrity lost here!?

6 out of 10 Americans believe  Hillary Clinton should be indicted, for her sloppy, gross negligence as Secretary of State.   Bernie, must be in the 40% that don’t believe Hillary should have been indicted; but he was certainly hoping so.    Is there not an integrity problem here?

Isn’t she wonderful!; she’s good enough, she’s qualified, she’s a professional career liar!