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The answer is?  Hillary Clinton,  in that case what difference does it make?!

Liberals are searching and lying to find as much, any dirt they possible can find on Dr. Ben Carson.   You can certainly find some discrepancies on anyone and everyone if you dig deep enough.   We are all after all human are we not?    About the most they have found is on the same level as a parking ticket.   Okay maybe as a child out of anger he swung a knife at someone.    He turned that knife work into becoming a highly respected surgeon, and thank God.

The liberal democrats will go as far as they have to go to protect, support and promote one of the most, if not the most corrupt, unlawful, deceitful, dishonest, lying, incompetent, negligent individuals in the history of our nation to run for the office of President of the U.S., let alone any office; Hillary Rodham Clinton!  You knew who I was speaking of before I even spit it out!

Hillary has smoking, burning trails behind her everywhere she steps……it has been that way for as long as only God knows.   Lets just start at the Rose Law firm for the sake of a starting point.   She was fired for……….lying and unethical conduct.   This has been stated so often, it is wearing out, which is exactly what the Clinton’s count on, everything Clintonish dies that has a smell or smokes.  The email and Benghazi lies, negligence and cover-up is not even the most latest.   She lied to the committee…….arrogantly.   She knows Obama and the Justice Dept. won’t touch her.   It is more of the same.

Go after Dr. Carson?    The liberal media could report on Hillary’s trail everyday…….and probably dig up more crap on the Arkansas Dark Princess that we don’t even know or suspect.   But, she is untouchable.  She is the liberal media’s CHOSEN ONE.

It is disgraceful, that so many Americans find this sorry ass U.S. citizen as their choice to lead this nation as it’s president and world leader.   Lead us where?  Look what she led into Benghazi.  Look what she led into Libya.    Where did the 6 billion dollars she was responsible for while in the State Dept. lead to; but unaccounted.

We could write a book, an entire set of an encyclopedia on the corruption of Hillary Clinton.

One question/comment last evening during the Republican debates was Hillary Clinton had a resume of political experience greater than all the candidates combined.   That may be true……..but not the experience we want, nor the history.   She has little accomplishments.   She has not made America a better place, but one of disrespect, along with Obama throughout the world.

There is much Obama and Hillary damage to repair.  Hillary Clinton will bring only greater Hillary garbage and experience we don’t need.   Change does not come from within the Hillary Clinton camp.

America has an opportunity to push Hillary out, make her insignificant.   Push her into space…….outer space with all the other out-dated junk we find of no use.

Unlike Dr. Carson, who turned into a very respectful and accomplished individual……….Hillary has stayed on the same disruptive, destructive path.


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It isn’t just Barack Obama that has divided our nation.  It isn’t just Obama who consistently lies and deceives We the Zombies of the United States of America.

I agree, Republicans in Congress have no honor, no spine at stopping Barack Obama’s mission of turning the U.S. into just another 3rd World country.   He has nearly gotten us there.   He is a work in progress.   Obama is a key puppet for the elite that rule this nation, with sites on A New World Order.

Call me a conspiracy theorist freak if you wish.   Pay attention, see what is happening.

He is dividing and minimizing us.   We are too busy earning a living, paying more to a government, that gives it all away.

Hillary is a continuance of the Obama agenda…….and a Congress that turns its incompetent head the other way.




Do you trust Iran to honor any deal, any deal?   Have they been trustworthy with the United States?

Only HONORABLE people and HONORABLE nations will HONOR any deal or agreement.    Iran is not trustworthy.   Their mission is to destroy the U.S. (in their eyes the Great Satan).

Iran is a deceiving snake.


The lyrics from the Beatle’s song “Mother Mary comes to me………..whispering words of wisdom.”; was Paul McCartney’s mum!

Mother Mary (mother of Jesus), came to me in a dream.   I don’t believe it was a premonition but a message for me.   Now this dream took place about 28-30 years ago, I am 63.    In the dream I was reliving an incident from my grade school days; about the 5th or 6th grade.    A classmate, Charlie J.,  had challenged me to a fist fight (I unintentionally tripped him during PE class, he didn’t like it) after school at the bike rack, which was side-front of the school building.  In this remake of the incident we were both in our present adult ages.

I showed, Charlie showed and immediately he threw a punch, he missed but my return connected.    Before either of us could throw another, a teacher, Mr. Jenkins, was hanging from a window yelling at us to stop.  We did, he had our names…….he called us out.    We both took off in opposite directions, only I was running around the back of the building,    Not sure where Charlie went and didn’t care.

The building suddenly turned into a very high wall, I made it around the corner and continued running away from the wall.    I got about fifty yards away (which originally started out as a school building, remember this is a dream) and never looked back until…..  a light, a bright violet colored light shined down on me.   I stopped running, slowly turned and saw that the light shining on me was coming from near the top of the wall, where a perfectly round door was sliding open.   The further it opened the more light sprayed on me……..then the glare cleared and Mary, the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus,  stood, dipping and re-dipping water from a bowl.   I recognized her immediately.    She smiled at me, continued dipping the water and said “You are free.”   Then the door closed.   I was in darkness for only a moment, then woke up.

It is as real and vivid today as it was then.    I have not told many about this……. I felt like sharing it now.   What I saw was real to me, and believe that Mary sent me a message through this dream.    Like it was a re-baptism…… or just a reminder of my baptism and that I have been set free.

I think about this message often, it will never go away.   I believe!


I attended my first 2 years of college at East Central College in Union, Missouri, a community college.    Back then our mascot name was the Rebels, East Central College Rebels.    It was okay back then, but my how times have changed.

In February of 2008, the Board of Trustees changed the mascot name to Falcons.  Will that should be safe, until the Bird becomes extinct.  Will we forget about the history of this bird then? There apparently were too many gender problems with using Rebels, which I can kind of see.    I wouldn’t have a problem with it, had they left it at that, but no, they included other reasons for the change.    They couldn’t use the symbol of the school without displaying the Confederate Flag!!   Rebels were the soldiers of the Confederate War, not the Civil War but the Confederate War.   “That’s not who we are!” some said back then.    I wonder if they removed the Civil War and the rebels who fought from the history  books at this teaching institution?    You can change history today by just wiping it out of the books, records, so it never enters the minds of our children.

If those that fought for the South, from rebels to Generals were so bad, were so wrong, then why did we bring them back into our United States?   They had too much to offer a united nation, too many resources, talent to separate from a United States, for strength.  But now let’s forget the Civil War ever happened.

This might explain a nation’s attitude with accepting the corruption and crimes of Hillary and William Jefferson Clinton.   We just forget about their history!