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howboutdemapples and manasota sunset duel: arlin report

photos by Cody Photography

Saturday, July 10th at Ellis Park, RACE 7, 7 furlongs:

Howboutdemapples and Manasota Sunset battled in pretty much this 2 horse race in a field of 7 two year old fillies. “Apples” took the lead shortly after leaving the gate and held on, gave it up a bit in the final turn, then surged back side by side with Manasota Sunset down the stretch, just being nipped at the wire. It was so close it looked like “Apples” had won at the finish post, but a photo finish showed Manasota Sunset (the number 9 horse) stretching out to cross the wire first.

We have to wonder if the pre-race events didn’t take a bit of energy out of Howboutdemapples, the 2-1 favorite at race time. “Apples” handlers placed ear plugs in her ears in the paddock. She clearly did not like it, as she rejected them touching her ears. She began to act up. The walker tried calming her by walking her around the paddock, she jumped and tried to shake loose. They got her calmed a bit, then the jockey mounted her, started walking to the exit of the paddock to enter the track, when she started shaking her head. She shook the plugs out, the jockey (Francisco Arrieta) then tossed them away to ground. Still not happy, Arrieta dismounted her on the track to calm her. She still was not happy when they reached the gate, where she entered last, tough she was the # 2 horse.

This was Howboutdemapples racing debut! Manasota Sunset had already had her debut. The slight advantage in experience and an unhappy “Apples” clearly helped Manasota Sunset edge it out. Arrieta seemed a bit agitated himself with the pre-race extra activity. Up until they placed the plugs in her ears, Howboutdemapples was a very calm and collected racehorse. Not sure why they thought she needed the plugs, she was calm, with no issues. I think it may have cost us a first place finish. All in all, “Apples” showed grit, competitiveness and now we know she has a mind of her own. Don’t touch her ears! The book on Apples, was she likes attention, but does not seek it like other horses. She is very calm, and has a mild attitude, but is far from mild on the track, where she is very competitive and likes to show off. Now we know she can be quite feisty. It was a joy being in the paddock with her! She is a beautiful animal! They all are!

Arrieta, said she is going to win, and he expects she’ll win her next race.


Howboutdemapples is a two year old filly, daughter of Tiznow (sire) and Apples Down Under (dam).

She is a big girl! “Apples” as I call her for short, will be competing in her racing debut on Saturday (July 10th) at Ellis Park in Henderson, Kentucky. Currently, she is the 3-1 morning line favorite.

Trainer Steve Asmussen was quite pleased with her last work and felt she was ready for her debut.

The 2-year-old daughter by Tiznow drew post position 2 in a 9 horse field. She will be competing for a purse of $51,000 with jockey, Francisco Arrieta in the irons going in race 7 at Ellis Park.

I own a couple of micro shares in this beautiful filly. I am headed for Kentucky today for her debut. Wouldn’t miss it!

Go Apples!

1 john 3:24

1 John 3:24

I will be away for a couple of days, engaged in a little filly by the name of Howboutdemapples, a 2 year old. She is having her racing debut at Ellis Park, Henderson, Kentucky tomorrow (Saturday). I have a couple of shares, micro shares ownership 🙂 in this beautiful, big girl, the daughter of Hall of Fame champion Tiznow. Look for another post today, I’ll have some photos of her. Wish her luck. Oh, did I mention, she is the 3-1 current morning line favorite. Should be fun! Go Apples!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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