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The Cherokee Nation wants a representative in Congress, taking the US government up on a promise made in 1835 —

Our government has a long history of putting the screws to Native Americans. MOST treaties broken. AOC has never visited an Indian Reservation! Probably best she doesn’t! We don’t need more misrepresentation! Elizabeth Warren DOES NOT represent The Cherokee Nation!

Talk about reparation for black Americans? Where will that end? Native Americans aren’t even asking for reparation, they’d be as deserving as anyone, if anyone is deserving. We can not pay for the ignorance of the past with more ignorance during the present and the future. Just learn by our mistakes, which is obviously challenging and difficult enough.


So, Obama believes he has a great legacy?

Well, just how much longer before Obama’s legacy comes tumbling down? Recent news on coup may have a great deal to determine that!