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Investigate……oh maybe ukraine is on biden’s & obama?

Fun fact here: Joe Biden mentioned he was “in Ohio”…….when in fact he was in Iowa!


arlin report thought of the day: obama impeachment?

So, why didn’t we impeach Obama? Abuse of power…….we definitely saw that! The pallets of cash he gave Iran…..and whatever favor he got in return would meet a requirement. Of course the only favor Obama may have been asking for in return for that cash was for Iran to use it to continue their terrorists operation(s). No need to go into other events of power abuses. Not enough space here. Lets do mention spying on Trump though……..even though it was at the end of his administration. However, apparently Obama’s minions carried on.

The Republican Party obviously wasn’t in the mood to execute a coup, or to overturn election results, the will of the people.

The Democrats on the other hand, give them credit, they are patient, somewhat. While doing the impeachment behind secretive closed doors per Adam Schiff, they don’t care how abusive, unconstitutional or just plain wrong they are openly. They don’t want us to hear anything positive about Donald Trump and his administration. They selectively take what they can spin to the negative side then leak it out. We only know what Adam Schiff wants us to know. We do know he instructs witnesses to NOT ANSWER THE REPUBLICAN’S QUESTIONS. “Don’t answer that!”

When the Republicans raided Schiff’s underground meeting last week he ran. Like a terrorist leader running for his life in an underground tunnel. Schiff escaped for now looking like the cowardice rat he is. We should have sent Conan (the heroic K-9) down stairs to chase his crooked ass.

Docs reveal Obama State Dept. official in contact with Russian Embassy Political Chief One Month Before Trump Inauguration | Canada Free Press — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

JUDICIAL WATCH: Documents also reveal State Department officials continued use of unsecure BlackBerrys to transmit classified material long after Clinton email scandal revelations (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch and The Daily Caller News Foundation today released eight pages of State Department documents revealing that on December 23, 2016, 28 days before the inauguration of President Donald Trump, State […]

Docs reveal Obama State Dept. official in contact with Russian Embassy Political Chief One Month Before Trump Inauguration | Canada Free Press — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

No surprise here to many of us!

warren’s points of funding medicare for all…….without the middle class? right!

Medicare for All in her proposal on Friday, Warren unveiled a variety of pay-fors: POINT ONE BELOW IS A RED FLAG FROM THE START, JUST SEND WHAT USED TO BE PREMIUM PAYMENTS, SEND IT TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT

$52 Trillon package health care plan. Wow, how many jobs will be lost and companies close down? These numbers came from a team from the Obama administration. THIS IS CRAZY! This is AOC CRAZY! Warren is nuts! Here below is her pay plan. Look at one right off the top. Government will decide everything. Warren is a pure SOCIALIST. According to her minions:

  • Employer contributions: Instead of paying premiums to insurers, companies would send an estimated $8.8 trillion over 10 years to the federal government as an “Employer Medicare Contribution.”
  • Taxes on the wealthy: Billionaires would be subject to a new tax of three cents on the dollar on net worth above $1 billion. This is in addition to the wealth tax she announced earlier this year, which would also place a 3 percentage point levy on billionaires. Also, the wealthiest 1% would be taxed on capital gains income annually, rather than at the time of sale, and the capital gains rate would be raised to match income tax rates. Combined, this would raise $3 trillion.
  • Reducing tax evasion: Warren argues that she can collect $2.3 trillion by empowering the Internal Revenue Service to crack down on tax evasion and fraud, redirecting the agency’s focus to high-income earners.
  • Levies on financial sector and large corporations: Warren would impose a financial transaction tax of .01% on the sale of stocks, bonds and derivatives. She would also make several significant changes to corporate tax law. All together, these would generate $3.8 trillion.
  • Taxing additional take-home pay: Since employees would no longer have to pay their share of health care premiums, their take-home pay would go up. This would raise $1.4 trillion.

Ultimately, Warren relied on four prominent experts — in addition to her own in-house policy team — to develop her cost estimate and planned pay-fors. The group included Simon Johnson, the former chief economist at the IMF; Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics; Betsey Stevenson, a former member of the Council of Economic Advisers under Barack Obama, and Don Berwick, who served as an administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the Obama administration.

Oh yes, going back to the Obama Administration to come up with your plan for funding Medicare for All. Another words a failed proposal; with total BS. It would be virtually impossible to raise funding for a Medicare for All program without hitting the largest, most productive social group in the country; “The Middle Class”.

Remember too, Warren threw this pay plan together rather quickly, she was getting hammered on the campaign trail on how she would fund a Medicare for All program. She had nothing, kept saying, “the Middle Class won’t have a tax increase”. So, she needed something quickly, this is what she came up with or her minions did.

Berwick, in a USA Today op-ed published last week under the headline “Stop fearmongering about ‘Medicare for All.’ Most families would pay less for health benefits.”


Forty conservative groups file ethics complaint against Nancy Pelosi. By Morgan Phillips | Fox News Fox News A coalition of conservative groups has filed an ethics complaint against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D.-Calif., alleging she has “hypocritically usurped” the authority of the president and “weaponized” impeachment proceedings. “In launching her ‘official’ impeachment inquiry without benefit […]


jeffrey epstein, the deep state’s pimp for little girls and robots?

The Networks of Jeffrey Epstein that the Mainstream Media Is Trying to Keep Buried

So Epstein funded the scientific development and experimentation of female robots “Sophia” and “Little Sophia” to use as recruitment tools for teenage/young girls. That had to excite Bill Clinton, Jeffrey’s flight buddy to the sex island for those little girl parties.

As creepy and freakish as Epstein was, you can only imagine Jeffrey found multiple purposes for those robots, or what was his intention for use if they were not fully developed.

On another note regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s death. Yesterday, a medical examiner stated the injuries that caused Epstein’s death while incarcerated were most likely due to a “homicide” and not a “suicide”. If Epstein was attempting suicide, he would have most likely had help. There was no reason to believe Epstein was suicidal. He was a wealthy, arrogant prick, who thought he could buy his way out of anything.

It makes more sense, that Epstein was murdered, that his death was not from suicide. They (the Deep State) needed him silenced. Epstein was smart enough to video the parties and activity on his sex island, to use against those who may let him take the fall alone on sex trafficking and all the other sex and kidnapping crimes. Epstein has a book with a list of all who partied with him, and plenty of tapes. Blackmail was Epstein’s biggest get out of jail card. He just needed to wait it out until one of his corrupt buddies on the bench could set him free (on a technicality of course). But, this time, how long would it take? There was the risk that names would be leaked out, as there was. Epstein was a sick dog and needed to be put down. So he was.

This was an inside job, like the Mafia. Anytime one of their own went a-stray he/she had to be dealt with, even family. Sacrifice one to save the family. I am sure the Deep State (Washington Mafia) have been cleaning up everything they can left by Epstein. They too are scared to death that the DOJ has been going through a rinsing process to sweep the dirt from all the previous corruption under previous administrations. Trump was just never trusted enough to be a part of the team. Obama and the Clintons, why else have they been so eager to keep Trump out of the White House. Little Adam Schiff has been doing his best to help the Deep State family. Need a liar, Adam is your man. Run a committee in a chaotic manner, Adam is your man. How long will Adam survive the real cover up, hiding all under the Deep State and it’s members. Adam is just an ignorant tool, foolish enough to do as he is told. There is a trail, and Nancy Pelosi was too stupid to keep herself near and linked to Adam. He got his orders. These idiots are causing enough chaos to keep the REAL PLAYERS hidden in the background, the dark. Hillary, Obama and Soros are at arms length. Oh there is all the speculation and conspiracy theories. That is what they’ll continue to call it, until the Clinton Cartel runs out of ammunition.

The body count just continues to grow. Hillary has more associates, former employees, friends, former staffers, body guards, just anyone she knew that are now dead. The list began shortly after she got fired from her first law firm. She knows and was associated in some way with more people that were murdered from a HIT or died from suspicious suicide than anyone. It has to be a Guinness Record.

Hillary Clinton is the Godmother of the present day Deep State. The Clinton Cartel. How else has she gotten away with everything. She has been virtually untouchable, despite loads of evidence. Comey was her best friend when he kept her from wearing the orange jump suit. But he wasn’t clean enough to keep her from losing the election. I am surprise Comey is still alive. Hillary must still find him useful.

lindsey graham, who is he protecting?

The late Senator John McCain perhaps. Is protecting the name of a friend from the Deep State more important to Graham than protecting the President? If so, and it could very well be, then Graham is not concerned about doing what is best for this country but more interested in defending an old buddies name. I actually mentioned in a post recently that I was suspicious that good ole’ boy Lindsey Graham was a Deep Stater. Those active within the Deep State are becoming more exposed by the day and they are from both sides of the aisle. Thank you Donald Trump.

Most obvious: Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Mitt Romney, Nancy Pelosi, Obama, Joe Biden, Eric Holder, Hillary and Slick Willie (Bill) Clinton, James Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Susan Rice, Robert Mueller, many at the top of the FBI, Main Stream Media, ……… Lindsey Graham maybe, for now gets the benefit of the doubt but only by a thread. This is just an abbreviated list as I don’t have the time or space to name them all. I wouldn’t want to offend anyone by leaving them off.

In fairness to Lindsey Graham, I just learned he has come out condemning the Democrats/Adam Schiff on the manner the impeachment inquiry is being conducted. Lindsey Graham gained a little ground back……. but I have my eyes on him yet.

Here is what Rush had to say about Lindsey G.