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Originally posted on POLITICAL MOONSHINE: (SEVENTH article in a series) The CEPI, founded over three years ago, suggests that the COVID-19 coronavirus is a global pandemic that requires aggressive action. Who created and funds CEPI? Bill Gates. Who else contributed to its foundation? George Soros. Let’s get right to it but before we do, I…


arlin report thought(s) of the day: going to the gym during the virus

Image result for photos of club fitness
Photo from Club Fitness: Location, St. Peters, Missouri

The above photo is from the Club Fitness location in St. Peters, Missouri, of which I am a member. The photo above was not taken during this virus season. It is empty because it is late at night, it’s the lower half of the gym and no one is using in this moment. It is not empty because of the virus. I guarantee you there are people using the upper half or it’s like 3:00 AM. This gym is always busy.

A public gym like this could most certainly be a breeding ground for the coronavirus, or the flu, or the common cold for that matter.

I use this gym 5-6 days a week. I go from anywhere between 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. I have no set time……….. but usually use between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM. During those hours it is quite busy. I have continued to go during this virus hysteria. To be honest, I think it is one of the safest, healthiest places for me to go right now. Why? They have hand cleaning /sanitizing stations located throughout the gym. There is a stand just feet away from most areas of the gym. Because the “vast” majority of the members using the gym are healthy, health and fitness types they take precautions. People using the gym equipment (which is pretty much everybody) are habitually wiping down the equipment after they use it. If we are not sure the previous user of a piece of equipment wiped it down, we’ll wipe it down ourselves before we use it. The members are very good at keeping it clean. Also, the Club Fitness staff are constantly wiping down counters, mopping the floors, keeping the sanitizing stands full of wipes and cleaning the equipment. At any and every moment someone from the staff is cleaning something in the facility. The cleaning and sanitizing NEVER ends. It has been this way from day one of my membership, which is about 1-1/2 years now.

I don’t see people that look ill using the gym. Never have. I know some of the older members have underlying health issues and they use the gym to improve their health, build stamina and strength. But, you don’t see people sneezing or going into cough hacking frenzies. Members are staying home if they are ill. I am sure people with slight colds still show up, but, they are wiping down, keeping their distance.

As I said in the beginning, if I want to get out of the house, the gym is a good place to go. If it stops raining any day now I’ll get outdoors more. I’ll take a walk/run in the park, some fishing and golf. The great outdoors with some sunshine is the place to be. Gets some vitamin C in you!

Stay healthy!


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Global pandemic, whether a natural event or deliberately engineered, actually serves the purposes of the globalist establishment in a number of ways. First and foremost, it is a superb distraction. 🦠 The globalist establishment has created the largest financial bubble in modern history through central bank stimulus, inflating a highly unstable artificial rally in markets while also creating new highs in national debt, corporate debt and consumer debt. 🦠 The general public, overcome with fears of an invisible force of nature that can possibly kill them at any moment, will probably forget all about the much bigger threat to their life, liberty and future – the subsequent collapse of the massive ‘Everything Bubble’ and the globalist “solution” that a pandemic can trigger. 🦠 Interestingly, a representative from Johnson and Johnson, one of the companies that may end up designing a “vaccine” for the Cronavirus, suggested during Event 201 that a “centralized” global economic authority in charge of funding and procuring vaccines for various nations in crisis was an option for solving the pandemic. 🦠 Gee, that sounds strangely similar to what globalists have been demanding for many years now, and the pandemic just happens to offer a perfect excuse for the creation of such a one-world financial authority. Source: humansarefree —— Follow my personal 👉🏽 @itsazeem Follow my other 👉🏽 @foundverity —— #consciousness #awakening #freedom #freethinkers #spiritualawakening #conspiracy #exitthematrix #truthseeker #woke #staywoke #freedomthinkers #truthseekers #china #wuhan #pandemic #coronavirus #questioneverything

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arlin report thought(s) of the day: biden on that flu thingy!

Image result for photos of a confused Joe Biden
The Who am I, where am I, and why am I here?

Biden, that would be Joe not Hunter, criticized Trump yesterday as being incompetent. Lets see, JOE what would you do differently? Did Joe learn from the time he was in charge during the Obama administration on the flu…….thingy. Does Joe even remember that period of time, where Obama had to apologize for Biden’s failure? Which was Obama’s failure! How many Americans died from that flu Joe, did you conveniently forget?! This coronavirus (while we still don’t know as much as we will) is not on pace to kill like the flu did under the Obama/JOE BIDEN watch!

Have a great day America, and take Bernie’s advice, “don’t listen to politicians”!

describing socialist bernie sanders as an oxymoron

Scott Eisen/Getty Images

According to Google, you do not typically call someone an oxymoron. You can describe them as having said something or their actions as ……….actually this is what I am trying to say:  “Normally we would think of oxymoron as things, places or a happenstances, but not a person. … You don’t call someone an oxymoron but describe how they are an oxymoron.” I can say something that is not typical……..this is my blog: ‘Bernie you are an OXYMORON!’ Do you even hear yourself?

Yesterday, Bernie Sanders spoke about the coronavirus and used it in a political way (Of course he isn’t politicizing the coronavirus right?) to call our president and his administration “incompetent”. Then he went on to lecture us.

Bernie said, to paraphrase “We (meaning you and me, NOT HIM) should only listen to scientists, researchers and doctors, NOT POLITICIANS (regarding the coronavirus)”. Then Sanders went on to lecture us on the virus. SO BERNIE, BEING A POLITICIAN THEN SHUT UP! You are a career politician. We should take your advice on this, we should all stop listening to YOU!

Bernie, gave no insight on how he would have done ANYTHING better than Trump. Bernie could only criticize…….and make untruthful statements. Here is what Bernie attempted to do:

After calling Trump and his administration incompetent, Sanders stood and tried to act as if HE WAS THE PRESIDENT. Even though the primaries have indicated Sanders will not and never will be our socialist president. Sanders wants us to listen to him and only him, especially now, as he tries desperately to take advantage of a health crisis. This is a perfect example of a socialist/socialism. He is commander in charge of the podium. Not Trump! “Don’t listen to politicians” Sanders said. But then went on because we are to listen to him. Like Bernie isn’t a politician, he is Bernie………’I am your president and I know what is best for you’! (To be clear, those aren’t his exact words, but may as well have been.) This is socialism speaking!

Bernie can not even hear himself. Bernie Sanders is absolutely a socialist. He has an oxymoron tongue and brain. Bernie Sanders is a socialist oxymoron, and it ain’t no accident!

Bernie help us not listen to a politician………SHUT UP!

Not a mushroom — Just Cruisin 2

Once again certain politicians and the media are treating us like mushrooms. You know, they keep us in the dark and fill us full of BS. In this case about the corona virus or whatever they’re calling it now. If we are to believe these legends in their own minds we should be in panic […]

Not a mushroom — Just Cruisin 2

arlin report thought(s) of the day: the robin tried to get in through my back door……. did she want to talk?

Image result for photos of a robin in Missouri
MDC Discover Nature (This article was interesting as it was a reflection of what I was thinking the moment I saw this Robin. Another words, I could relate.

THE LINK ABOVE HAS A GREAT ARTICLE ON ROBINS. I was drinking a cup of coffee, just moments ago, when I noticed this big, beautiful robin outside our back door on a chair on our patio. I thought, great, Spring is really here. It was a sign I believe, but I wasn’t sure what. I didn’t know if Missouri Robins were a specific species or if they were the same throughout our country. So, I googled to find out more. As it turns out it is an American Robin, but Missouri has an abundance of these birds; possibly more than any area in the states. They are an interesting bird to watch. And from what I have read, they are the Rodney Dangerfield of birds. They don’t get much respect.

The robin, being so common and recognizable here in Missouri is probably taken for granted. I learned something they have in common with my favorite bird The Cardinal (no I am not talking about our baseball team). They are both divine birds, spiritually symbolic. Probably with different meanings. The robin a symbol or sign if you will of renewal. The cardinal, which I saw many (one in particular hung around for along time after the passing of my Siberian Husky, Sky), is a message everything is fine, I’m fine and you’ll be fine. Will see you again some day. Since those days a couple of years ago now, I see less cardinals. Still see them, but don’t have any in particular hang around long. I believe they give us messages, messages of hope. (note the photo of the bird above was not the same bird I saw this morning……I don’t take that good of a photo).

Symbolic characteristics and traits of a robin: The robin in the spirit world is known as the divine bird. The Robin is a symbol of good luck and the fact that spring is impending. To see a robin flying can indicate a symbol of renewal, passion and new beginnings. Alternatively, it could represent patience and wisdom

Panic over Corona — Serve Him in the Waiting

I am posting this because this is one of the prophecy preachers who generally has good information, but I believe the WHO and CDC and NIH, etc, are making a huge deal out of something that is not as huge as they are letting on. First off, this is not a virus that ” did […]

Panic over Corona — Serve Him in the Waiting

VITAMIN C…….. lots of water! Be smart, no panic necessary. (Arlin Report comment)

Biden shortens speeches as gaffes pile up | Disrn — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

This is much like Hillary in 2016……… she appeared not to be well. Joe can run but he can not continue to hide. There is no cure for what ails him. His wife and staff can not prop him up for ever. (Arlin Report comment)

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s speeches have grown noticeably shorter in recent weeks, a possible indication that his campaign is working to limit the former vice president’s frequent habit of embarrassing gaffes on the campaign trail. — Read on

Biden shortens speeches as gaffes pile up | Disrn — Truth2Freedom’s Blog