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According to Hillary:  “We can’t let gun control opponents hold an opinion that Terrorizes America.”

Unless you agree with Hillary Clinton, she, though she said “We”  can’t have an opinion.  Hillary, obviously supports the creation of the  “Thought Police”,     Your opposing opinion means nothing…..even when the majority do not share her view on stricter gun control.   According to a Rasmussen poll, 53% oppose stricter gun control.  Hillary, did you check any polls to get an accurate statistic?  No, you just expect us to accept whatever you say as the truth.   That’s not working for many, with the way you’ve hopped around on issues.   What will tomorrow bring?

Another Hillary quote, same subject:  “We can’t let a minority of people who hold a viewpoint terrorize the majority.”   I would agree with that in principle; but it doesn’t have any merit when the numbers don’t add up.   Best she not make quotes about the minority and the majority when she doesn’t know the difference.

As Hillary continues down the campaign trail, we won’t be able to trust that any stats she uses to back her views will be the truth.  If Hillary keeps talking with gaffes like this, she won’t shoot herself in just one foot but both……..   Hillary is shrewd, if she repeats herself enough she knows some will believe.    This is a good indicator to expect more of the same.  The I know whats best for you……….all of you mentality.


Click on the URL above the video, not the video itself. Awesome! Please share this. A guy asks Hillary to sign his copy of her book. When she asks who to autograph it to, he replies, “Make it out to Christopher Stevens. I think you knew him.” When she refuses, he asks, “What difference does it make?” and then tells her she has more security on a book tour than Chris Stevens had in Benghazi. Touché, brother!….

This does need to be shared as was requested. Apparently, it matter to more than Hillary would like to believe.

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International: Iraq

When will we ever learn? Can someone explain what we have to gain? Our billions can be spent here at home ……….why not rebuild our torn infrastructure? We have nothing to show for the investment in Iraq. Cut our losses……….. Feed the illegal immigrants in Texas and Arizona, then send them home. Money better spent.


Terrorist entering the U.S. is easier than ever; this should be a nightmare for the NSA.   With the influx of illegals crossing the border daily, probably at a more alarming rate than we know or are being told, terrorist mix in quite well.

I am not going to worry about being politically correct,  to hell with that, I never have worried.     Our administration’s policy or lack of, has made it a snap for Muslim terrorists to hide in with all the other “illegal” (I said illegal) Mexicans and other Central and South Americans.  Yet look what you go through passing security at the airport.  But yet, when the next terrorist attack occurs on our soil, our goofy-ass legislators and administration will be the first to yell “How can this happen again.”   I can hear Nancy Pelosi now, so can you.

Citizens of the U.S., stand-up and make them listen to you.    Lets flood our congressmen and women in D.C. with emails, phone calls, letters, march……peacefully of course.   Be heard, we can no longer ignore this threat to our national security.   We need to take it upon ourselves to take some action now.  We owe it to our children and grandchildren.  We can not support it.  Immigrant’s must enter legally, your ancestors did.Featured Image -- 259

Our military is spread out over the world, we need them on our borders.   Iraq is a no win…….no win situation.  We don’t need their damn oil anyway.

Go out……vent a little.




I know the terrorists attack and killing of the 4 individuals  from our embassy in Benghazi occurred two years ago.  All the recent talk, and inquiries from our Congress now?   Kind of a delayed reaction don’t you think?   Investigations and hearings can be lengthy, and the Lord isn’t the only one that  knows our legislator’s aren’t the swiftest to act.  In fairness, we aren’t exactly letting it die, and shouldn’t until we know the truth.  I believe FDR said, “Everything that happens in government happens for a reason.”

Is Benghazi a welcomed distraction for the president and administration?  Absolutely; but is it by design?  I don’t know, but it is a good question.   If it was by design, it has teetered off a bit and taking a back seat to the mess in Iraq.   I do believe Obama or some around him, who are being paid to be more observant, knew the ISIS were going to invade and terrorize Iraq.   If not, the intelligence which would include the CIA, are incompetent idiots.   Distractions are by design.

Obama’s administration doesn’t want the American people to know the truth about illegal immigration, especially along our southern border.  We know what is happening, but do most Americans know just how bad it is; how many cross each day.   No; the major news networks don’t report on it, 60 minutes……nada.

Illegal immigration is our nation’s greatest security threat, more so than Iraq.   Our government is  allowing criminals (including drug cartels), disease, the hungry, just wander in with all the other social issues we’ll be facing.

The legal immigrants that came to our country, got their green cards, took classes, had to pass a test and take an oath to become “citizens”.  These people work, pay taxes and have earned their way.  They must be pissed to see this happening.  There is a right way and a wrong way………and the OBAMA WAY.

It is not possible for us to support uncontrollable illegal immigration.   This is the quickest way for us to lower our standard of living…..our quality of living.    Obamacare will surely suffer!


If you want to immigrate to the United States…

I’m speechless………………

Immigration in America

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