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Australia’s gasping covid girl.

The mind is an unexplored country.

Thanks to Paco for providing the link to this antipodean anti-covid stupidity.

To misquote John Wayne – life is tough, but it’s even tougher when your leaders are stupid.

The general response?

We know over the top bullshit when we see it.

But… and here’s the best part… the whole ad is a fraud.

She’s NOT a genuine covid victim. She’s not even doing a crappy job at acting like a genuine covid victim.

Sharp eyed citizens recognised Gasper from the olden times.

Recycle an old scare campaign and assume nobody will notice. Brilliant, eh?

I’m getting that vibe I had back in the years of Rudd-Gillard-Rudd. Every time I thought they couldn’t outdo their latest move, they outdid their latest move.

And the current crop is upholding that fine tradition.


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That Would Be An Eff You Biden ..

Mine is not for sale. And, it won’t be included in a government “buy back” program. I did not buy my shot gun from the government. They can not buy back what they did not sell. My constitutional rights are: I can keep my gun! END OF STORY! 🙂

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

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Biden Has Always Been a Doofus… — MCViewPoint

Be seeing you

Biden Has Always Been a Doofus… — MCViewPoint

I second this, but, he is bigger than a Doofus, he is a moron. I watched the Clarence Thomas hearing back in the day. Biden tried desperately to present himself as a “big shot smart guy” . Like today he made little sense. When heat was on him, he’d slide the mic over to someone else, as he would get nervously stumped. Thing is he gave the microphone up to another bonehead, Teddy Kennedy. Just imagine the circus lead by ring masters Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy. (Arlin Report comment)

Then they renamed every F#@%ing thing under the sun — The Daley Gator

GOOD FREAKING GRIEF! Democrats in Washington have introduced a new bill that aims to clear official place names of language deemed racist or offensive. The Reconciliation in Place Names Act was put forward on Friday by Massachusetts Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey, as well Texas Representative Al Green, and is co-sponsored by 25 other House Democrats I […]

Then they renamed every F#@%ing thing under the sun — The Daley Gator