I’m Arlin L. Luttrell (ALL), a freelance writer from east central Missouri.  I have over eight years of political experience as a formerly elected city official, with a B.A. Degree in Political Science.

I am an opinionated citizen, using this media as a voice to share my thoughts, concerns and to listen to you.  Topics for dialogue are unlimited as politics and government virtually affects nearly every aspect of our lives.  I’ll present social issues, current and past events worldwide, especially here at home in the USA.  What the major news networks will not report, I will, but only after confirming through no less than three sources.

I encourage you to send me any feedback, comments or suggestions.  If you have a topic you want explored, I’ll do the research.   Please, visit my Contact page.


  • Articles:  Any subject, I’ll do the research.
  • Copy Writing
  • Proofreading/Editing
  • Public Speaking

52 thoughts on “About”

      1. Hi Arlin, did you know the same day as Obama’s Chicago acceptance speech the lottery in Illinois (and thus in Chicago too) drew 666, the Mark of the Beast (the Antichrist)? It’s evident Obama’s the Antichrist seeing he tripled the debt and so forth. He’s a homosexual which is predicted in the Bible (the Abomination). On top of that, heaven sent the message of 666 to curse him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*


  1. My blog is mostly about poetry and crazy things, hence the name “crazy life”, but although I´m a Spaniard I lived half my life in the U.S and family members of mine work in politics. So I have developed a passion for it. Specially American politics, here in Spain we are done already so there is no fixing us. Plus American policies affects the whole world. Got here through “hocupocus13″blog. The left is very organised and well founded to create instability, they thrive in chaos and insecurity. There is the Socialist International party, talk about menace to societies. I can go on forever but this can turn into a dissertation paper. Glad I found a voice that resonates with me.


  2. Arlin, you’ve made the heart that I put into my most recent article doubly worth all of my efforts. Here’s to you for sharing, “I Have Something to Tell You that I Can’t Remain Silent About!” Thank you, Pamela

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  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking that rant about the death of the American Left. You and I share the same passion for being “opinionating’ and wanting to share our views with the world out there. I must concede you have a gift: despite our clear political differences, you ‘liked’ my post. I don’t know what to make of that, but I appreciate your openness of mind. I guess we are just citizens trying to free ourselves from the grips of the oligarchs, whoever we think they are.
    ‘See’ you soon.

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    1. Went to your blog site, could only find your About page. It said there was nothing there that matched my criteria, so it didn’t show me any of your posts. That’s never happened before. I’m checking into my profile, etc…… I’d really like to at least read your post! Thanks for your response.


  4. Thank you for liking my post on Hilary Clinton’s lack of connection with the middle class despite her rhetoric. I am honored whenever someone takes their valuable time to read my writing. I like what I’ve seen on your site and look forward to reading more. I appreciate your verifying information through several sources; that’s much better than just ranting and raving.


  5. Thanks for visiting whatyareckon. I found your site to be a home away from home. We now live abroad but what is happening in US is happening in other Western nations as well. Where do we find these “leader”? Enjoyed what I read and surely will visit often. Keep up the good work!


  6. Thanks for the follow, although reading through your stuff makes me wonder why you followed me…this isn’t a case of watch the enemy is it? Either way, thanks…


  7. The BIG question is, how MUCH truth can you, or your nation handle? All the journalists I know, report lies. Accountants with Words. 😦

    DOES PEARL HARBOR EXIST? Who was there? Why did they leave soldiers behind? Where could the USA airplanes fly from the middle of nowhere? Hiroshima only friendly fire?

    WHAT ABOUT THE MOON? Can you explain how it works, on a model maybe, for stupid people like me. OR is it only an systematical illusion?

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  8. Heya, Thanks for following Just a History Geek. I really like what you’re doing here, and I look forward to reading future posts.


  9. Thanks for the follow on The Harley Factor. You’re right, politics does effect everyone in one way or another. Mostly negatively these days, at least that’s the way it seems to me. I will be following you as well.

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