That ‘Genius’, The Deceitful, HILLARY!

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No One Is Above The Law? Give Me A Break

BY: DAVID HARSANYI at the Federalist:

APRIL 04, 2023

The Clintons at Donald Trump's inauguration

On exacting poetic political justice.

Author David Harsanyi profile


Lock Donald Trump up, or don’t lock him up, but don’t tell methat“no one is above the law.” It’s one of the most ludicrous fantasies peddled by the left.

Plenty of people are “above the law.” James Clapper, who lied under oath to Congress about spying on the American people, is above the law. John Brennan, who lied about a domestic spying operation on Senate staffers, is above the law. Unlike Trump advisor Peter Navarro, Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder was never going to be handcuffed and thrown in prison for ignoring a congressional subpoena. He is above the law.

Trump’s 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton, is also above the law. The then-Secretary of State set up a private server in her home…

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