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These are some great thoughts from Puritan Samuel Annesley (c. 1620-1696) on how we can find rest. (By the way, one of Samuel’s daughters, Susanna, was the mother of John and Charles Wesley, making Samuel Annesley the grandfather of John Wesley.)

Puritan Samuel Annesley’s Counsel on how to Find Rest:

How can we live with a conscience that is pacified by the blood of Christ? Christians, be persuaded to practice these:

Find Rest in Christ

1. Take heed of every sin, count no sin small.

2. Set upon the healing duty of repentance.

3. Compose thyself to live as under God. You cannot deceive him, for he is Infinite Wisdom; you cannot fly from him, for he is everywhere; you cannot bribe him, for he is Righteousness itself.

4. Be serious and frequent in the examination of your heart and life. This is so necessary to the getting and keeping…

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