SEAN HANNITY: We are entering a dangerous new era in America | FOX news

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Fox News host Sean Hannity previewed what former President Donald Trump’s arraignment in criminal court next week might look like.

SEAN HANNITY: We have new details from Alvin Bragg’s repulsive political witch hunt. According to sources that we have, Bragg demanded that Donald Trump turn himself in today, less than 24 hours after the grand jury voted unfairly to indict him. But because of security concerns, the arraignment won’t take place until next week, probably on Tuesday afternoon. Donald Trump will be booked. He will be fingerprinted. There will be a mug shot. The media mob, they will get their so desired mug shot. Now, my gut instinct tells me that my friend, my colleague Pete Hegseth, who was on last time, he’s going to be proven correct. That photograph will end up on more T-shirts and more hats that say MAGA and Trump 2024. It will also appear…

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