The Day The Republic Fell

E Māua Ola i Moku o Keawe


It is a Dark Day for America. The day will be remembered as the day when the Republic Fell to Marxist democrats. We have crossed into the point of no return. The indictment of President Trump by a corrupt Prosecutor, Fat Alvin Bragg, funded by a billionaire criminal George Soros. Our justice system in this country has been weaponized against the American people. This indictment isn’t about President Trump, it’s about a corrupt evil democrat party that wants total control over this nation.

We’re moving into a period of time where I wouldn’t put it past the Marxist democrats under this regime of Pedo-Hitler Biden to declare Martial Law and enact emergency powers to completely seize power. Over the next few days will see a shift in how the FBI, CIA, and NSA will act to enforce a suppression of communications. We’re entering what third world countries do to their…

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