Treasonous Gen. Milley Claims Ukraine’s “an Important National Interest,” as US Is Invaded | Independent Sentinel

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General Mark Milley, leader of the Afghanistan debacle, said at a hearing on Wednesday that President Joe Biden had been “very clear” about the end state of the Ukraine War. The end state is when they’re free. As millions of anonymous people illegally pour through the US border, Milley said Ukraine is “an important national interest that’s fundamental to” EU and US security.

Ukraine will have security while we have none. People suspect this is another Vietnam War or the Afghanistan surrender.

Gen. Mark Milley
The End State

“It’s very clear the strategic end state is the global rules-based international order that was put in place in 1945 is upheld,” he said. Milley then called Ukraine “an important national interest.”

“How do you do that? How do you know you’ve achieved that end state? You achieve that end state when Ukraine remains a free, sovereign, independent country with a territory…

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