“Given such a stark reality in America today, what alternatives does that leave the American church?”  

MN Prager Discussion Group

March 14, 2023

Where Is the American Church in All This?

By Cliff Nichols at American Thinker:

Recently,Tucker Carlsonfocused the nation’s attention upon the notable silence of American Christian leaders on the Biden administration’s persecution of Christians by asking,

Where are all theprofessionalChristians? You have to wonder …[w]here’s …all these people who are [should be] defending Christianity … asactualChristians are being arrested for being Christians?” (emphasis added).

There are a host of excuses suchprofessionalChristian leaders might offer to explain or justify their silence.But for the most part, most of these excuses have been debunked by people likeEric Metaxasinhis latest book,Letter to the American Church.In it, he points out that, because American church leaders today have before them the example of the dire consequences that resulted from the silence of the German church when it was confronted by the…

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