Matt Taibbi Slams ‘VERY OMINOUS’ and ‘Disturbing’ Democrat Behavior at Twitter Hearing | The Right Scoop

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Journalist Matt Taibbi, who has an extensive resume and a long history of being showered with praise and plaudits by the mainstream left-wing media as long as what he was investigating or who he was reporting on weren’t themselves mainstream or left-wing, spoke tonight with Fox’s Dan Bongino about the disturbing behavior of Democrats at the Twitter hearing this week.

What the Democrats did at that hearing was gross, disgusting, offensive, and most off, OBVIOUS to any even casual watcher. No American who isn’t a rabid left wing radical insane person thought that was acceptable.

But those are the only types of opinions people like Debbie Wasserman Schultz are interested in, because that’s where the big left wing donor money is.

In other words, the people questioning Taibbi’s integrity and accusing him of careerism and avarice were in fact serving their own financial and career interests by attacking him so…

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