We Are All Going To Need Anti-Radiation Pills If Our Leaders In Washington Continue Going Down This Path — End Of The American Dream

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Many Americans won’t realize that World War III has begun until missiles start raining down on our homeland. But by then it will be way too late. Ever since Joe Biden entered the White House, our relations with both Russia and China have been steadily swirling down the tubes, and it appears that our military could soon be forced to fight wars with both of them simultaneously. That would be absolutely suicidal, but our leaders don’t seem interested in peace. The hothead in the White House is surrounded by a team of incompetent warmongers, and if they stay on the path that they are currently on millions upon millions of Americans could end up dead.

So if you plan to make your voice heard before that happens, now is the time.

Over in Russia, regular television programming wasinterrupted by a messagetelling viewers that they needed to take their…

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