SIGN: Stop Serial Cat Killer Who Reportedly Burned, Beat, and Scalded Animals!


Representative image via Canva

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PETITION TARGET: Connecticut Chief State’s Attorney

A sweet cat died from blunt force trauma after being beaten up and drenched in bleach in Fairfield, Connecticut, reportedly by an official formerly convicted of animal crueltytwice.

Gem, an innocent cat, reportedly was intentionally harmed during a domestic dispute. Charges in her case are still pending.

Another cat named Pearl reportedly was burned with toxic chemicalsdown to the muscle” – to the point that her tail had to be amputated— by the same man, also during a domestic dispute, according to an arrest warrant.

The man who allegedly committed these intentional acts of cruelty against cats was convicted of animal cruelty in 2018 — spending 41 days in jail and receiving two years probation for reportedly pouringscorching hot wateron his then-fiancée’s 5-year-old dog named Thor and breaking the ribs

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