Seymour Hersh: “I Don’t Know What’s Going on in that White House. But it’s Very Scary and Very Dumb” — The Gateway Pundit

I doubt the Ukraine has the capability to blow up the Nord Stream pipeline. The U.S. official stating they did it, is full of crap! (Arlin Report comment)

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Speaking to Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky on theBreaking Pointpodcast March 8, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh shredded theNew York Times,Washington PostandDie Zeitreports on an alleged “Pro-Ukrainian group” behind the Nord Stream attack.

“The thing I’m accused of is not naming sources”, Hersh said. ”I noticed both theNew York Timesand theWashington Post …had no sources.”

“What’s going on now in this White House is terrifying to me”, Hersh said. “(Antony) Blinken, (Jake) Sullivan and (Victoria) Nuland … they’re just out of their league here… Do they really want to get NATO into a war? There’s no question we’ve been increasing the amount of American troops in Poland, secretly, and deploying many more arms in that area. I would guess they may push for NATO to make a physical presence… I don’t know what the goal is. I don’t know…

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