MSM, Politicians, Desperately Attempt Damage Control Over Jan 6 Videos | The Organic Prepper

Those who are opposed to Carlson’s viewing of the Jan. 6 video(s) are so because they fear we the people knowing the truth. They (such as Schumer) don’t want us to believe what it is we are seeing so he calls Carlson a liar. So, do we believe those that did not want us to see what really happened or do we believe what Carlson shows us. Seeing is believing. The only video the Left wanted us to see was that which they could control the narrative (mislead us). Video was withheld from defendants charged, evidence withheld from the defense. Jan. 6 is filled with bad stuff, corruption, the worse coming from those we voted in to represent us. They do not. Their only interest is there power grab and manipulation of our government. The real crime are the ones covering up the truth of what really happened. (Arlin Report comment)

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This week, Tucker Carlson and Fox News aired some video footage from the January 6 “insurrection.” It’s not the video we’ve seen all over the media, filled with terrifying images of barely contained rage.

Instead, it’s footage of a man who was supposedly murdered by the crowd going about his business. It’s a video of that dude with the bison hat, calmly and submissively walking along with Capitol guards who clearly escorted him into the building and took him around to different doors to “breach” the Senate floor.

I’ve largely stayed away from coverage of the incidents that took place on January 6th, 2021. I felt that we weren’t getting the whole story and that it was incredibly biased, but it also really did appear that people were behaving badly. Since we weren’t getting accurate information, I…

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