Senator Schumer Panics About Tucker Releasing J6 Coverage – Cites “Grave Security Risks” – Didn’t Give a Damn When Pelosi’s Daughter Filmed the Entire Place — The Gateway Pundit

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Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is scared about what might be found in the Jan 6 video that Tucker Carlson has been given exclusive rights to see. He claims his concerns are for national security but didn’t seem to care with Nancy Pelosi’s daughter filmed the Capitol on that day.

Senator Chuck Schumer is scared about what will be uncovered in the video that was provided to Tucker Carlson’s team about Jan 6. Many Americans know that the Jan 6 riots were a set up and are eager to see footage that has been withheld from the American public that shows this. Enought video already supports this fact, but what must be in the thousands of hours of video that the Democrats would not share?

This was another major crime perpetrated against the American people. We knew on that day that something was amiss. We knew this because 1.1…

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