Biden’s Insane Foreign Policy Actions Drove China and Russia Together – Now World Is Facing WWIII — The Gateway Pundit

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The Biden Administration is dangerous. After nearly a year of fighting a proxy war in Ukraine against a nuclear power, Biden has driven Russia and China closer together and the world is now facing a nuclear WWIII. President Trump has a plan to stop this madness.

Steve Cortes discussed how Biden has pushed Russia and China together with his feckless actions in Ukraine. The world hasn’t been closer to a World War since World War II.

Cortes explained how Nixon went to China in the 1970’s to build a relationship with China, not to help China’s communist party but to prevent Russia and China from working closely together. That was a brilliant strategy at the time during the cold war.

Biden is doing the opposite. His actions have driven Russia and China together. Both nations have nuclear warheads. These two countries are basically forced together by Biden and the world…

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