Biden’s boy……….little Pete Buttigieg absent, butt quick to blame Trump. Biden stayed with Trump’s regulation reversal………….but points to it being the cause.

From The Lever below:

“Specifically, regulators killed provisions requiring rail cars carrying hazardous flammable materials to be equipped with electronic braking systems to stop trains more quickly than conventional air brakes. Norfolk Southern had previously touted the new technology — known as Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) brakes — for its “potential to reduce train stopping distances by as much as 60 percent over conventional air brake systems.”

But the company’s lobby group nonetheless pressed for the rule’s repeal, telling regulators that it would “impose tremendous costs without providing offsetting safety benefits.”

That argument won out with Trump officials — and the Biden administration has not moved to reinstate the brake rule or expand the kinds of trains subjected to tougher safety regulations.”

So Pete Buttigieg wants to lay the blame on Trump, even though Biden has reversed nearly everything else Trump implemented, he did not reverse the Braking System (regulation) spoke of above. If train derailment was of any concern to Buttigieg and his boss Joe Biden they could have placed the regulation back in place. But they did not! And train employees are saying there were 50% more box cars on that train than there should have been. They believe it was a mechanical failure that caused the derailment, as they had already had mechanical issues prior to reaching East Palestine, Ohio from Madison, Illinois. The train company appears to be the greatest at fault here. Was the train properly inspected? There will be an investigation to determine the actual cause rather than guessing. Buttigieg though is quick to blame Trump when questioned why HE hasn’t even been to Ohio since the derailment. Pete absent from the location of issues/disasters………once again.

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