Klaus Schwab Explains Who Will Be the Master of the World – Discern Report

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Klaus Schwab is an evil man. Some think he’s the top dog among the globalist elite cabal, the pinnacle of the pyramid of evil. Others think he may just be a spokesperson for the true Powers and Principalities ruling over the planet. It really could be either.

Regardless of where he lands on the evil villain hierarchy, he’s doing his job well. He unabashedly declares the evil plans of the Liberal World Order and demonstrates no fear of being stopped. On today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show, I broke down a portion of his keynote speech at the World Government Summit 2023, which may be the lesser-known but equally evil version of the World Economic Forum conference in Davos.

Here’s the article and direct video of his speechfrom Reclaim The Net:

Klaus Schwab: Those Who Master New Technologies “in Some Way, Will Be the Master of the…

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