The devil Incarnate …..

Non-citizens the right to vote in the U.S.? Non-Americans? HOW DAMN STUPID IS THAT? Do you think any other country would allow us to vote in their elections? Who would even think that? (Arlin Report comment)

The Goomba Gazette

Senators take aim at Biden’s support for bill giving illegals, Chinese Communist Party members right to vote

House passed a bipartisan resolution last week disapproving of D.C. Council bill that would let non-citizens vote

Whenever you think that Kamikaze Joe can’t get more malicious and anti-American, up jumps the devil, the #son-of-a-bitch comes up with something more insane.

If I had the opportunity to run into this screwball and have a face-to-face, there would be one question I would have for him; WHY????? Why the fuck are you destroying this country with all of your evil/eccentricities.

That is it cut and dry one question WHY??

I know the answer; I just would love to see what kind of unbelievable excuse or reason this lowlife, #habitual-lying-bastard would give me.

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