Hunter Biden warns Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, Roger Stone, and 11 others to preserve records for potential litigation following laptop scandal

Hunter has all of his father’s traits……..lie (just not as well), blame someone else for their own stupidity and crimes. Those receiving instructions from Hunter’s lawyers to save documents must be laughing their tales off. ‘Sure we’ll help you build your case against us’. Point blank, Hunter abandoned that lap top because of his damaged brain. When he did so, he gave up the ownership of the laptop and ALL it’s content. However, their strategy may well be their ‘only’ defense. And it is a poor one! (Arlin Report comment)

Newsdesk International

Perhaps that’s why the raid at Trump’s home.  They were looking for the goods he has on them all. And that’s a good one….Biden crime family committed the crimes, yet they demand the others preserve documents.  If crack head kept it all on a laptop, it’s his fault he was stupid.

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