NORD STREAM PIPELINE……….SUPER JOE BIDEN IN CHARGE??? (Arlin Report Thought(s) of the Day)

Rumor is spreading, that U.S. Navy divers planted explosives on the Nord Stream Pipeline last Summer (I believe in or around June), an operation/mission lead by the one and only JOE BIDEN. The explosives were detonated 3 months later, which would meet the time frame of the natural gas leak (which is pretty massive, look at the bubbling) in the Baltic Sea (Nord Stream Pipeline) since September. President Stupid! Lets see, but isn’t this the same President that is an extreme environmentalist/climate protector/change? Even if the pipeline was or was not in operation, it is still filled with natural gas. When you blow the pipes, GAS BLOWS OUT (first the explosives and then gas ignites). That must have been one hell of an explosion. How much wildlife did that immediately kill, and how much are continuing to die. I’ll ask you that question SUPER JOE! And your purpose? To hurt Russia? To expand the risk of igniting World War III? How did this help the Ukraine? It doesn’t!!! Everything Biden touches is destructive! That holds true whether he ordered this operation or not! From my perspective, it sounds like Biden! And he wants your gas stoves!!

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