Russia exposes Ukrainian biolab operator Metabiota and its connections to the Pentagon, Hunter Biden, EcoHealth Alliance, and the WEF – DC Dirty Laundry

They, the media, Biden administration and Biden himself (if even questioned on it?) will refer to the Russians having documents on the biolabs (U.S. biolabs) in the Ukraine as Russian misinformation. (Arlin Report comment)

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(Natural News) As part of their special military operations in Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry has obtained over 20,000 documents connected to aUS biolab project in Ukraine calledMetabiota. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyordered all documents related to Metabiota be destroyedright before the Russians initiated their special military operation in Ukraine. The World Health Organization – the entity that installed a global medical police state – called on Zelensky to destroy all documents related to biolabs in Ukraine, forfeiting transparency of suspected bioweapons research. The US embassy in Ukrainealso removed all their Ukraine bioweapons lab documentsfrom the web.

However, on Monday January 20, 2023, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) claimed to have incriminating documents.The MFA asserted, “The materials confirm that the Pentagon aimed at creating elements of a biological weapon, & testing it on the population of Ukraine.” These…

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