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And we the American tax payer/citizen put up with this BS. Wasteful spending. Why can following the money often lead us to criminals but……and it isn’t difficult. But we can’t follow the money sent to the Ukraine? Joe’s distribution? (Arlin Report comment)

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Dear Representative and Senators,

As we approach twelve months of the Russian SMO to end Kiev’s war on Russians of east and south Ukraine, and resolve the NATOhead fake of Minsk II, it’s question and answer time for London, Washington, and Poland – and each of you.

The US Congress approvedover $100 Billion in arms and aidto Ukraine in the past year. At the same time, Russian forces have secured 20% of the former Ukrainian landmass, nearly everything east of the Dneiper River, and have established not only a formidable defensive line, they have begun rebuilding political, economic, defense and civil society in the eastern Republics.

First question: What, in your opinion, will the next $100 Billion – gain for the United States?

My apologies. It isn’t fair to state that $100 Billion in US aid to Ukraine actually went into the Ukraine war effort. Over…

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