The U.S. and NATO Seem Hell Bent on Starting a Shooting War With Russia — The Gateway Pundit

Biden refers to it as a gesture to help Ukraine. A freaking gesture? We are getting pretty involved in a war we were not going to get involved with. Just because there are no boots there (yet) doesn’t mean you aren’t involved. Got to send our equipment somewhere otherwise it will just rust I guess! Hell, we’ll never need it! (Arlin Report comment)

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M1A2 Abrams

Let me give you a scenario. The United States military occupies Iraq and is trying to quash an Islamic insurgency. We then discover that Iran is providing weapons, vehicles and explosives to those Islamic rebels. Do you think the United States would see that as a casus belli to retaliate against Iran? You bet your ass Washington saw this as an act of war against the United States. The George W. Bush administration started providing funding and support to a terrorist groups in Iran, the MEK, and stepped up its denunciation of Iran as a terrorist state.

So why in the world of the sane does the United States and NATO think that they can send advanced weapons to Ukraine for the purpose of killing Russians. If we use the principle the U.S. followed in Iraq, Russia is fully entitled to treat the U.S. and NATO as supporters…

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